Advising & Mentoring

Comprehensive advising of students is an important aspect of a faculty member’s workload. The University considers advising a core responsibility of the faculty.


Faculty advisers will provide academic assistance and individualized attention to support a student’s success at Towson University. The adviser’s role is to help the student evaluate and realize educational and career options. This requires, at a minimum, the adviser to:

  • Guide the student as they determine the appropriate course of study for the major;
  • Approve the student’s academic course of study each semester, including core curriculum requirements;
  • Clarify requirements of the major;
  • Interpret departmental and college policies and procedures;
  • Aid the student in identifying appropriate institutional resources as needed from time of initial advising assignment to graduation;
  • Initiate relationships between the student and other individuals on campus who can provide specialized or supplemental assistance; and
  • Uphold the required academic standards of the department, college, and institution.

Advising Resources

Being responsible for advising a group of students in a particular major is a standard part of a faculty member's workload. In addition, faculty at TU have an opportunity to be nominated and selected to work with special advising programs for new freshman and transferring students. There are several resources available to faculty that will enhance the experience for both faculty member and student.