Innovation Lab

The January Conference Innovation Lab is a space where attendees can explore the creative approaches that their colleagues and campus partners are implementing at TU.

innov lab

Innovation Lab 

Each year at January Conference, faculty are invited to visit several learning stations to explore services and programs that support students and/or faculty. The presenters discussed topics such as instructional technology, research, open educational resources, and partnership opportunities.

The innovation lab also provides attendees with innovative ideas and resources to support face-to-face, blended, or online courses.

Tiger Spark Sessions

The Tiger Spark was inspired by the Ignite Baltimore series and designed to spark dialogue and networking amongst the January Conference attendees. During Tiger Spark sessions, presenters have just a few minutes to share how faculty and their students can benefit from their programs and services. The sessions typically consist of four five-minute presentations followed by a five minute Q & A session. After the sessions, attendees may visit the presenters in the Innovation Lab for additional information.