Initial Course Planning

This section covers syllabus requirements for all Towson University instructors, a basic introduction to grading policies, and a sample student course evaluation.

Developing a Syllabus

A syllabus is a contract and a map. As a contract, it is where you define course expectations, policies, and assignments for students. As a map, it provides goals in the form of course objectives and students refer to this document throughout the semester in order to keep themselves on track. It is also an effective planning document.

A detailed syllabus stating course goals and methods can help instructors better plan the most effective presentation of course content. A poorly written syllabus can affect student attitude, performance, and civility, and may even cause legal complications.

For a current list of recommended syllabus content and several related policies, review "Policies and Procedures for the Classroom," Chapter 6 in the Faculty Handbook.

Academic Integrity

The Office of Student Conduct & Civility Education can provide in-class sessions on the topics of civility and ethical decision making.

Grades and Grading Policies

Watch a brief captioned video (3:22) describing grade basics at TU, or read the transcript