About Our Students

Towson University students seize the opportunties in front of them.

student in class

From students in the Honors College, to student-athletes, to students transferring from other institutions--our campus is home to 22,200 unique learners.

Student Demographics

The Division of Student Affairs created a quiz (PDF) to help familiarize you with Towson University's unique student population.

The Office of Institutional Research provides a wealth of demographic information about TU undergraduate and graduate students.

While mature students and working professionals comprise a portion of both the graduate and undergraduate student population, the majority of the university's students are members of Gen Edge (born between 1995 and 2010) or the Millenial Generation (born between 1980 and 1995).

Gen Edge Students

Gen Edge (also known as Gen Z) is just entering higher education. While a significant characteristic of this group is the widespread usage of the internet from a young age, Gen Edge is less interested in sharing their lives publicly. Additional resources about this generation include:

Millennial Students

Vice President for Student Affairs Dr. Deb Moriarty provides background and advice for working with millennial students.