Research, Scholarship & Creative Activities

Towson University's collegial academic environment fosters multidisciplinary research, scholarship, and creative inquiry that complements current knowledge in the field and leads to superior teaching.

janese daniels
Associate Professor Janese Daniels' research is focused on early childhood education, classroom environments and technology.

Defining Scholarship

Scholarship, research, or creative activity includes professional accomplishments of a faculty member and to encompass all fields of study. Towson University faculty have a record of exceptional scholarship and research that extends and deepens the bounds of knowledge or of creative activities that are recognized as innovations in many disciplines. As scholars, faculty use their scholarship in activities such as:

  • Pure research
  • Applied research
  • Teaching as scholarship
  • Performance-related endeavor
  • Professional practice
  • Professional service
  • Community service
  • Field collaboration
  • K-12/higher education collaboration
  • Public policy advocacy

Areas of Scholarship

Faculty should review the definitions of scholarship as used in their departments and colleges. At Towson University, we endorse the broad perspective of scholarship as outlined in Boyer's Scholarship Reconsidered in which he describes four areas of scholarship:

Scholarship of Teaching

Teaching and scholar­ship have always been intimately linked. What we learn and contribute to our disciplines must be linked to our teaching. As experts in our fields and role models for our students we should be continually linking our discipline to our teaching from a scholarly perspective.

Scholarship of Discovery

This scholarship is what most academics mean by traditional scientific research. It addresses the question, "what is known, what is yet to be found."

Scholarship of Integrations

This scholarship connects efforts across disciplines. It addresses the question, "What do these findings mean?" They are the interdisciplinary, interpretive and integrative works such as computer software, videos, reshaping core curricula, cross-disciplinary seminars, and popular writing.

Scholarship of Application

This scholarship applies to works that link the scholarship of a discipline to the values and mission of the academy and to the greater needs of society. The scholarship of application addresses the question, "How can knowledge be responsibly applied to conseuential problems?" Such scholarship might include technical assistance, policy analysis, consultation, pregram evaluation, and the like. These scholarly activities are encouraged to increase the visibility of the university scholar's application to the community.