Faculty Professional Development

Faculty Professional Development

Faculty professional development at Towson University is the foundation of transformative innovation and academic success. The Office of Academic Innovation, in collaboration with the Office of Technology Services, the academic colleges, and other units on campus, provides a range of educational and technological support services for faculty and led by faculty.

Our philosophy is that faculty members bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the academic enterprise that should be shared, developed, and celebrated. In order to foster critical thinking and reflection about one’s own teaching practice, the OAI creates opportunities for risk taking and experimentation that build a culture of collegiality, trust, and faculty leadership. The end result is more effective teaching for more effective learning.
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Teaching Tips

The Office of Academic Innovation Teaching Tips videos are released every month in order to provide information to TU faculty regarding innovative and effective instructional strategies. These videos feature great tips with animated characters, lively narration, and hands-on demonstrations.
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Lynda.Com Self-Paced Video Training

Explore our playlists for online teaching basics and blended and flipped teaching topics or browse through Lynda.com's online video-based training on software, technology, teaching skills from nationally-recognized experts.  Students can also access Lynda.com.