Innovation in Teaching Award Past Recipients

OAI Innovation in Teaching Awardees, Projects, and Interviews


2017 Award Winning Projects

2016 Award Winning Projects

2015 Award Winners

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  • Dr. Philippe Duverger, CBE
  • Dr. Nicole Fabricant, CLA
  • Ms. Claire Holmes, Cook Library
  • Dr. Siddharth Kaza and Dr. Blair Taylor, FCSM
  • Mr. Daniel Mydlack, COFAC
  • Dr. Laila J. Richman, COE
  • Ms. Marlene A. Riley, Ms. Jacqueline Wilson, Dr. Lisa Crabtree, CHP

2014 Award Winners

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  • Dr. Elizabeth Berquist, COE
  • Mr. Ryan Murray, COFAC
  • Dr. Kathy Gould, CHP
  • Dr. Dana Kollmann, CLA
  • Ms. Sara Arnold-Garza, Cook Library
  • Dr. Matthew Hemm and  Dr. Larry Wimmers, FCSM