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Picture of Ms. Marlene A. Riley

Ms. Marlene A. Riley; CHP

Marlene Riley has practiced as an occupational therapist for 34 years and has been coordinating Level I fieldwork for 20 years at Towson University. She has been focusing her practice and teaching on community-based occupational therapy for the past 15 years.



picture of Ms. Jacqueline Wilson

Ms. Jacqueline Wilson; CHP

Jacqueline Wilson is in her third year as an Clinical Assistant Professor and Director of the Occupational Therapy Center for the Institute for Well-Being at Towson University. She has worked in various settings for the past 32 years including co¬-partnering Chesapeake Assessment and Treatment Center, a comprehensive out-patient rehabilitation center that also provided driver re-education and work hardening training, creating NorthWest O. T. Associates, a pediatric home based practice that served children and youth, and, currently, developing and researching equine assisted occupational therapy through reConnect, a non-profit organization.



picture of Dr. Lisa Crabtree

Dr. Lisa Crabtree; CHP

Lisa Crabtree is an assistant professor at Towson University, teaching courses related to occupational therapy with children and youth, autism, assessment, and research. She was the first director of the Hussman Center for Adults with Autism, providing innovative learning experiences for Towson University students and community-based participation opportunities for young adults on the autism spectrum.


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