Online Edge Certificate Program

Join colleagues in this comprehensive program of professional development for online instructors and course designers. Register for workshops now.

Instructors of online courses need to take on multi-dimensional roles, and to be effective, possess a varied range of skills.  The goal of the Online Edge Program is to assist Towson instructors as they develop facilitation, pedagogical, and technical expertise relating to online instruction.  These skills form a foundation of good practice that faculty can continue to refine over time. 

This certificate includes a variety of hands-on practical activities during which faculty will develop materials and techniques for their own classes.  In addition, faculty will experience online learning from a student perspective along with faculty colleagues.

This certificate program was developed in collaboration with Towson faculty, based on extensive research and a comprehensive list of competencies for teachers of online courses.   


This certificate is ideal for instructors who are new to teaching online and for those who wish to refresh or enhance their skills.

All faculty are eligible to participate in Online Edge Program activities. First priority, however, will go to faculty who have been identified by their department or program directors as teaching in online programs or high enrollment courses and who plan to teach online courses at Towson University within one year of completing the certificate requirements.


There are three levels to the Online Edge Program.  We recommend that you start with the Online Edge Facilitation Certificate.

Online Edge Program Completion

Faculty who choose to complete the full Online Edge Program will take part in a comprehensive professional development experience. Faculty must complete the two online workshops below, the workshop prerequisite, and two of these electives: a  2-hour online Copyright module, a 2-hour online Accessibility module, and a Technology session which can be either online or in-person.

Online Edge Program Certificate Requirements


Facilitation Workshop

3 weeks fully online

Online Design Workshop

3 weeks fully online

Workshop Prerequisite:
Alignment Module

2 hours, self-paced, online

2 Electives from this list:
Technology Session
Accessibility Module
Copyright Module

1-2 hours online or in-person

2 hours, self-paced, online
2 hours, self-paced, online

Online Edge Facilitation Certificate

Certificate requirements are the 3-week, Online Edge Facilitation Workshop and the 2-hour, prerequisite online Alignment Module. View workshop descriptions and register for scheduled sessions.

Online Edge Course Design Certificate

The certificate requirements are the 3-week, Online Edge Course Design Workshop and same 2-hour, prerequisite online Alignment Module needed for the Facilitation Certificate. 

for access to the Copyright and Accessibility modules (described under Electives). All modules are available 24/7 via Blackboard.

To meet the Technology Session elective, register for one of the specified OTS Training and Blackboard workshops (listed under Electives).  


All faculty who may be eligible for these exemptions must staff to confirm.

Equivalent Offerings

If you have completed one of the following online workshops after May 2013, you will be eligible to receive the Online Edge Facilitation Certificate after completing the self-paced Alignment Module: Facilitating Your Online Course or Facilitating Online Coursework.

If you have completed one of the following online workshops after May 2013, you will be eligible to receive the Online Edge Course Design Certificate after completing the self-paced Alignment Module: Designing Your Online Course or Preparing Your Course for Online Delivery.

Gold Review and Supported Self-Review Participants

Faculty who complete a Gold Review as a Peer Reviewer or Course Submitter, as well as faculty who complete a Supported Self-Review can earn several certificates with significantly fewer requirements. These exemptions also applied to faculty who complete an Official Quality Matters review as a reviewer or course representative.
They can earn the Online Edge Course Design Certificate, by completing only the 2-hour online Alignment Module.  Once done, to finish the Online Edge Program, they must only complete the Online Edge Facilitation Certificate and one of the electives.