Multimedia Services

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Office of Academic Innovation’s (OAI) Multimedia Services designs and creates media to support academic courses and scholarly research. Services include printing of OAI poster templates, developing interactive learning objects and video production. There are no charges for services rendered; however, project requests must be within the scope of the OAI mission and are limited to course content and presentations of faculty research.

Submit Project Request

Submit project request by completing the OAI Multimedia Services Request Form. Please email with any questions regarding service request form submissions.

Video Production

Towson faculty interested in recording a guest speaker or creating an instructional video to enhance their courses should contact OAI. OAI staff can assist with recording course-related on-campus events, converting analog video into web-ready formats, and creating fully produced instructional and educational videos.

OAI staff will work with faculty to determine the best delivery method for video projects, which can include Mediasite, iTunes-U, and other options.

To contribute to Towson’s Green campaign, OAI has reduced the use of video tape and increased the use of digital technology to record and distribute video content.

Complete and submit the OAI Multimedia Services Request Form for video production requests as early as possible. Please email with any questions regarding service request form submissions.

Poster Presentations and Printing

Towson faculty presenting at national conferences or local events can create well-organized and professional posters by using the provided OAI PowerPoint poster templates.

The PowerPoint templates include instructions and guidance on how to modify the poster colors, headers, images and place content within the templates. Faculty submitters are responsible for making the necessary formatting changes and edits to the poster. Due to limited resources, there is a limit of one printout per project.

There is a minimum one week turnaround for print request.

Please note that faculty submitters must be the primary presenter in order to use this service.

Faculty interested in using this service should complete the OAI Multimedia Services Request Form and submit the finalized PowerPoint template to . Please email with any questions regarding service request form submissions.

Poster Templates

 To access the templates click on the (+) button.





International Size

Wood A0 - Poster size printed on one sheet (width X height)

Towson-Branded PowerPoint Presentation,  Printable Handouts & Blackboard Banner Templates

Towson-Branded PowerPoint Presentation

The following custom-designed, Towson University-themed PowerPoint templates can be used by any Towson University student, faculty or staff member.

Presentation Printable Handouts

Use the below PowerPoint templates to customize and print your meeting handouts.

 Blackboard Banner Templates

 Customize your blackboard course site using the course banner template. The course banner is displayed at the top of the course entry point page. View the provided instructions located within the template to customize the banner. For instructions on how to upload the banner please view the Blackboard Inserting a Banner Document.


Instructions for Modifying Poster Templates

Interactive Learning Objects

Interactive learning objects are web based resources created to provide students with visual and virtual representation of instructional content. Please complete and submit the OAI Multimedia Services Request Form for interactive learning object requests.

Example Interactive Learning Objects Projects