Access Control

A vital part of emergency preparedness is monitoring and controlling access to high-risk areas. The Security Cameras and Electronic Access units help to keep campus safe by managing these important and complex functions.

Swiping One Card for access into building

Security Access Control secures admission to and use of campus buildings through electronic security systems such as video surveillance and keycard access. We maintain the database that dictates campus wide access controls and serve as consultants on security and access on all new construction projects. In our role of overseeing the lock shop, we also manage the proper distribution of keys and key access on campus. 

Lock Shop

The Lock Shop provides the following services:

  • Repair/replacement of doors, door closers, and door hardware
  • Repair of automatic opening doors, e.g. ADA door operators
  • Repair of electronic security access devices such as card readers
  • Rekeying of locks
  • Cutting and issuance of keys
  • Purchase and replacement of interior signage

Key Replacements

Individuals needing a new set of keys should locate their departmental key coordinator (PDF) and ask him or her to complete an Access Request Form. The request must be approved by the department head and then faxed to 410-704-4948 or sent via campus mail to the central key coordinator. The departmental key coordinator will be notified when the keys are ready for pick up. 


If keys are lost, the individual key holder should immediately notify their departmental key coordinator, who should immediately notify the central key coordinator to discuss potential security problems and any emergency action to be taken.  In addition, if the key was lost on campus, or if it was lost off campus and there is a way to establish a nexus to campus, the campus police should be contacted so a police report can be filed.

Charges for lost keys will be assessed against the responsible department according to the chart below.

Office  $25.00
Sub-master  $75.00
Master  $100.00
Grand master $250.00
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