Crime Prevention & Reporting

Though Towson University boasts the fewest crimes per capita in the University System of Maryland, the campus is not immune to crime. We ask you to join in our fight against crime on campus by using common sense when making decisions that affect your personal safety. Avoid walking alone in the dark, leaving valuables unattended, or putting yourself in other vulnerable situations. Stay up to date on crime alerts and use our crime prevention and campus safety tips to reduce your chance of becoming a victim of crime.

Police and student by emergency light

How To Report A Crime

Any member of the university community who is the victim of a crime on campus, or who witnesses a crime on campus, should call the University Police immediately at x4-4444 (410-704-4444) or by pushing the red emergency button on any blue light emergency phone. You can also notify the TUPD via the SaferMobility app.



Safety Videos

Towson's series of 1-minute safety videos below offer useful tips and resources for common crime concerns on TU’s campus. Watch the videos to equip yourself with important information for staying safe:


The free SaferMobility app has three main components: a mobile-escort feature that tracks your touch and, if you take your finger off the screen, sounds an alarm and calls the police; a video component that allows you to video chat with police communications operators and send them real-time video of an ongoing crime; and an instant message feature that allows you to message police in situations where you don’t want to heard.

When in use, the app employs geo-location technology that can help police find you in an emergency. You can also choose to add important health information to your app profile to aid in emergency response. The app is free and available for download on Apple and Android devices:

Watch the SaferMobility Video to learn how the app can help students, faculty and staff protect themselves against potential and ongoing crimes.