Online Personal Property Registration

Students, faculty and staff may register personal property (such as computers, bikes and phones) with the TUPD to help aid recovery if the item gets lost, stolen or misplaced.

If you report theft of your property and you don’t have information that law enforcement needs to help you, the odds on getting your property back diminish greatly. If you use the online property registration program that records a description of your property and we get your serial number, the odds on the recovery are much higher. The police enter your serial numbers into a national database. Law enforcement agencies are then able to retrieve the information so that stolen items may be recovered, confirmed as yours, and returned to you. This is kept confidential and is only accessible to law enforcement officers.

Personal property registration is free and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Register your property now or contact the Community Relations Officer at 410-704-5622 for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I access/change my information once I have entered it?
Yes, you can edit or delete your information after it is registered. All changes will be displayed on your profile. In addition, an email confirmation will be sent to each register.

What is the cost to sign up for the personal property registration?
It’s a FREE service to all faculty, staff and students.

I live off-campus. Can I still access and register my property?
Yes; the personal property registration is available to the whole Towson University community, whether they live on or off campus.

What if my registered item is stolen outside of TUPD jurisdiction?
Just simply tell the law enforcement officer who is taking your report that TUPD has the serial number and other information stored in their database. They can then contact TUPD at 410-704-2133.

How can I locate the serial number of my bicycle?
Locations vary based on model, but serial numbers are typically located on the frame of the bike or on the outer gear cover.

Where are the serial numbers for most computers, cell phones, and iPods, located?
Most serial numbers for computers, cell phones, and iPods are located on the back of the product or under the battery.

May I register my property before the start of the semester?
Yes, the service is available all year long, 24/7.

Who may I contact for problems or troubleshooting my registration?
You may contact TUPD’s Community Outreach Officer Kia Williams at 410-704-5622 or  .


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