Degree Requirements

Undergraduate Students

Catalog Reference - Degree Requirements

Undergraduate students are expected to familiarize themselves with the Undergraduate Catalog and to satisfy all published degree requirements. Failure to do so does not provide a basis for exceptions to academic requirements or policies. It is expected that students will receive assistance from general academic and faculty advisers, but students must assume responsibility for completing published degree requirements.

Beginning Fall 2011 the university has adopted new General Education requirements.

Freshmen admitted Fall 2011 or later follow the Core Curriculum Course List.

A list of Core Courses can be found here  Core Curriculum.

Students using the 2010-2011 catalog or earlier follow the General Education Requirements.



Basic graduate student requirements are now functioning for all students.

Please note: If you view your Academic Requirements and find no mention of your program specific requirements, please assume it is not set up. If you have any questions, please speak with your program director or advisor. A list of degree requirements can also be found here via the Office of Graduate Studies.


Students use Towson Online Services to register for classes and track their academic progress. Please note that some academic terms used online and in the catalog are interchangeable. For example: majors and minors are referred to as Academic Plans; concentrations and tracks are referred to as Academic Sub-Plans.