GPA Calculator

The GPA calculator allows you to determine how your current term will affect your overall GPA or Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA). You use it before grades are posted in order to predict your CGPA. Please note that if you are repeating a course, the GPA calculator does not calculate the grade replacement. It will include both the failing grade and the new grade which may lower your CGPA. 

To find the information you will need, go to the link below (login required):

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*If you do not complete the fields above, the calculation below will be your TERM GPA, not your Cumulative GPA.

CALCULATE your predicted new CGPA at the end of the term

Enter the units and expected grades for up to six courses you are presently taking and press Calculate to find your predicted new CGPA:

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Please Note:

The following grades have no impact on the GPA: I, S, U, W, AU, PE and PS
Transfer courses, developmental courses, and courses taken outside of your career do not impact the GPA