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grade grade points per unit
A 4.00
A- 3.67
B+ 3.33
B 3.00
B- 2.67
C+ 2.33
C 2.00
D+ 1.33
D 1.00
F 0.00
FX 0.00


Catalog Reference

grade grade points per unit
A 4.00
A- 3.67
B+ 3.33
B 3.00
C 2.00
F 0.00


S and U (satisfactory & unsatisfactory) - (UNDERGRADUATES)

The grade of S denotes work of 2.00 level or higher has been completed. A grade of U denotes work below 2.00. S and U grades are not calculated in students’ GPAs.

S and U (satisfactory & unsatisfactory) - (GRADUATES)

The grade of S in graduate courses denotes that work of 3.00 level or higher has been completed. A grade of U is given to students whose work is below 3.00.

NOTE: A grade of S in the thesis/project/dissertation continuum is given when a student has a grade of IP (in progress) for thesis/project/dissertation and is making satisfactory progress, but has not completed the requirements of the thesis/project/dissertation. Once the student has successfully completed the requirements of the thesis/project/dissertation course, the IP grade for the course is changed to S.


The grade of PS (Pass) is assigned to a course selected on the Pass grading option when students earn a C grade or higher. Students who elect the Pass grading option and earn a grade of D+ or below will have that grade recorded on the permanent record and used in calculation of the GPA.

Students may use the Pass grading option for Core courses that require a C or higher unless the course is also required for their major/minor.


The grade of PE is assigned to those courses passed under the Credit for Prior Experience/Learning option. All grades are recorded on students’ permanent records, but are not calculated in students’ GPAs.


The grade of FX is calculated in students’ GPAs. A grade of FX is given to students who never attend class or who stop attending during the term without officially withdrawing. (If students have officially withdrawn, a grade of W will appear on the final class roster.) A grade of FX is given to students who stop attending before they have completed more than half of the course work. Students who attend most classes but miss the final examination without a legitimate excuse, will receive a zero or F grade for the final examination and have that value or grade calculated with other grades earned during the term to determine the final grade.


The grade of W is administrative, nonpunitive and is not calculated in students’ GPAs. A grade of W is given to students who officially withdraw from a course by the published withdrawal deadline each term. It is also given to students who obtain authorization from the Academic Standards Committee to withdraw from a course or courses after the deadline. Such withdrawals must be based on documented medical difficulties or verifiable circumstances beyond students’ control.

Selecting this option may affect financial aid. Refer to this guide for Drops & Withdrawals.


IP (in progress) - assigned for the thesis or dissertation that is in progress but not yet completed. When the thesis/dissertation is completed, the IP grades are changed to S (satisfactory) or U (unsatisfactory). See S or U guidelines for thesis or dissertation continuum.


The grade of I is given to students by their instructors when verifiable circumstances prevent students from completing a course within the term. The I grade should be given only in cases where students have completed most of the term and have a reasonable expectation of successfully completing the work required. It should not be given at a point earlier in the term when a withdrawal is appropriate. For more information on the Incomplete grade, see the section immediately following. 

Changing Grades and Incompletes

Incompletes may be granted toward the end of the term for verifiable medical reasons or documented circumstances beyond the control of the student. Earlier in the term, a withdrawal may be more appropriate. The grade of I automatically becomes a grade of F 180 days from the end of the term following the granting of an I unless changed to another letter grade.

The grade of I may be extended by the instructor for a period not to exceed an additional regular term if the conditions for granting the original Incomplete still exist. To grant this extension, the Change of Grade/Incomplete Form must be filed by the instructor. An extended Incomplete grade that is not resolved by the end of the next full term of study, excluding Summer and Minimester sessions, is converted to an F grade and is calculated in a student's GPA.

Grade changes, excluding I grades and repeated courses, must be submitted by the faculty member within one year. After one year, requests for grade changes may be made only for verifiable medical reasons and by petition to the Academic Standards Committee.

Graduating seniors must resolve any outstanding Incomplete grades within 180 days following graduation. Specific dates for each graduating class are included in the correspondence from the Graduation Office. Students will not be graduated until the Incomplete is resolved.

Unsuccessful Term/Academic Clemency

The following guidelines determine approval of the declaration of an Unsuccessful Term:

  • Five full academic years must have elapsed since the term in question and graduation has not occurred.
  • Students must have completed at least 24 units of 2.00 level work at Towson University since the term in question.
  • Only one Unsuccessful Term can be granted in a student’s academic career.

Disagreements Related to Grading

Students who feel an earned grade is unjust must address their disagreements first to their instructor, who is primarily responsible for assigning grades. If the matter is not satisfactorily resolved through this approach and the issue warrants further consideration, students may then direct an appeal through the following channels: department chair/program coordinator, college dean, Academic Standards Committee.

Repeating Courses

Catalog Reference - Repeating Courses

Effective fall 2003, the lower grade will remain on the record with a repeat included or excluded message, whichever is appropriate. Students may not make a third attempt of a course except with prior approval. Students must complete a Petition for a Third Attempt Form and submit it to the Registrar’s Customer Service Center, Enrollment Services, Room 223, before registering for the course. Grades of W are administrative and are not considered as part of the repeated course procedure. Courses that have been accepted previously for transfer credit by TU or have been attempted or completed for units at TU may not be repeated at other institutions.

When courses are repeated, students will receive credit for the course only once. Only the higher of the two grades will be calculated in the GPA. The lower grade will remain on the record with the letter R preceding (e.g., RF, RX, RD, etc.) to indicate the course has been repeated.

Courses in which low or failing grades were earned at TU MUST be repeated at TU in order for the record to be adjusted and the GPA to be recalculated.

GPA Calculator

The GPA calculator allows you to determine how your current term will affect your overall GPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average - CGPA). You use it before grades are posted in order to predict your CGPA.