Grading Options

Catalog Reference - Pass and Auditing Options

Pass and Audit options can be selected through the end of the withdrawal period for each term. Refer to the Academic Calendar for deadlines.

Pass Grading Option

Students may request to enroll in certain undergraduate courses with the Pass (PS) grading basis. The Pass (PS) option is intended to provide students with the opportunity to explore a broad range of coursework, with no effect on the cumulative grade point average (GPA) provided that they earn a minimum grade of C (2.00) in the courses for which they have requested this option.

The Pass Option is subject to the following conditions:

  • Students who earn a minimum grade of C (2.00) will have a grade of PS (Pass) assigned for courses in which they have selected the Pass (PS) grading option. Students who earn a grade of D+ (1.33) or below will have the appropriate regular letter grade (D+, D or F) assigned.
  • Regular letter grades of D+, D or F earned for courses in which the Pass (PS) option is selected are calculated into and affect the cumulative grade point average (GPA). Grades of PS (Pass) are not calculated into and do not affect the cumulative GPA.
  • A maximum of 13 units of coursework graded PS (Pass) may be applied toward an undergraduate degree.
  • The Pass (PS) option is not available for courses required for completion of a student’s declared major, minor, or Honors College coursework.
  • Students may request the Pass (PS) grading option for free electives and Core courses (including those that require a minimum C (2.00) grade) that are not required for their major or minor.

To request the Pass (PS) option, students must submit a Pass Grading Option DocuSign Form form to the Registrar’s Office before the withdrawal deadline for the term or session.

Auditing Option

To audit a course, permission of the instructor is required. AU is the grade given for the course, the units will not apply toward the degree.

Submit a completed Auditing Option DocuSign Form.

To rescind this option, the same procedure applies.