Withdrawing from Classes

Catalog Reference - Changing a Schedule

To officially withdraw, log into your Student Center through Towson Online Services before the term deadline (see Academic Calendar).

Withdrawing after the deadline requires a letter of appeal to the Academic Standards Committee including your name, TU I.D., address, phone number, TU email address, course name/number/section and semester, supporting documentation (medical, legal, etc.) and an explanation of appeal.

Additional Information for Withdrawing

  • Instructors or departments can not withdraw you from a course.
  • A grade of "W" will be given when withdrawing after the change of schedule period, but before the withdrawal deadline, which does not affect averages or academic totals.
  • An FX grade is given for failing to officially withdraw.
  • Dropping below full time status may affect your financial aid and/or your insurance coverage.
  • Students are considered full time as noted below
    Undergraduates - 12 units
    - Master's - 9 units
    - Doctoral - 6 units