Past Participants

Discover the founders and their ventures who’ve graduated from the StarTUp Accelerator.

2023 Summer Cohort

Brett Lanier and Geoff Doyle

Bettor Vision

Bettor Vision is a free mobile app that combines sports fans' traditional fantasy, daily fantasy, and sports betting accounts to allow consumers to have a better view of all their accounts, bets, and contests in one place.

Maxwell Wieder and Edward Holzinger


Celcy, the automated Nespresso of food, is a patented IOT, autonomous, countertop robot that combines a freezer and an oven into a single compact device to offer unparalleled, on demand, quality food all from your phone.

Mehedi Hasan Shoron and Mahmudul Hasan Likhon

Hello Task

HelloTask empowers blue-collar workers by connecting them with better jobs.

Susan Ganz TU Fellows: Adeola Ajani and Chidera Egbuche

Fem Equity

Fem Equity is an HR tech platform that creates solutions for women and underrepresented professionals going through pay or professional gaps in real time.

Nina Guise-Gerrity


getGFTD is a fintech social app that makes sending and receiving gifts—anytime and anywhere—seamless, convenient, meaningful, and fun.

Antony Fuleihan and Evan Haas


CurveAssure is optimizing spinal assessment and surgical selection with dynamic posture analysis to personalize patient pathways and improve clinical effectiveness.  

Somto Nweke and Marlhon Jean-Michel


Inversion is a financial technology platform revolutionizing housing solutions.

Dexter Carr


Game4Good is a gametech company, building auxiliary SaaS solutions for the video game and esports industry to help pivot gaming from just entertainment to social impact.

Susan Ganz TU Student Fellows: Jared Hamlin, Bryce Carter and Bruno Verdonk

Everybody Eats

Everybody Eats is a Food Truck Company providing a low-cost menu to tackle food insecurity on college campuses and in the surrounding community, while putting 10% back into community rebuilding initiatives!  

2023 Winter Cohort

Susan Ganz TU Student Fellows: Ruth Berhane-Williams and Mimi Campbell

EriTea logo

EriTea is a good for you brand that offers pure, simple and spiced brewed iced teas that do not sacrifice quality, taste or calorie count.

Takiel Gibson

Dental Desires logo

Dental Desires creates and sells innovative toothpaste flavors to put the fun in dental hygiene for children and adults.

Paris Dean

Sparen logo

Sparen is a real estate marketplace that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to streamline the home buying process. With Sparen, you can search for homes, get pre-approved for financing, schedule tours, and even close on your new home.

Mahmoud Shalby and Faheel Kamran

Haven Cloud logo

Haven Cloud is the world’s most secure and privacy focused cloud storage platform. Haven lets you store photos, videos, and documents safely while giving you complete control over your digital privacy.

Geeta Raj and Chris Held

Engage All logo

Engage All creates a digital library offering interactive children's books and learning materials about social justice for youth from diverse backgrounds and youth with learning challenges.

Ashton Keys

Athlytic logo

Athlytic is a platform that helps student athletes learn and connect with brands to accelerate monetizing their brand and capitalizing off their name, image and likeness.

Susan Ganz TU Student Fellows: Ryan King-White and Parker Bratton

The Loop logo

The Loop–Baltimore is a camp-based non-profit that provides youth with caddie and leadership training, academic support, and mentorship. Caddying is the perfect tool to build fundamental life skills, basic business acumen, and leadership qualities in our participants.

Susan Ganz TU Student Fellows and Mentor Fellows: Conrad Brake, Ryan Rutkowski and Emerson Maggi

Tap In logo

Tap In is an app and events-based company that allows a community of users to provide and receive dynamic, accurate real time data about their local bar scene.

2022 Cohort

Susan Ganz TU Student Fellows: Conrad Brake and Ryan Rutkowski

Tap In logo

Tap In is an app and events based company that allows a community of users to provide and receive dynamic, accurate real time data about their local bar scene.  Small businesses now have a better two way communication channel with their community.

Joshua Wies


Medsy logo

Medsy helps reduce healthcare payor costs and improve outcomes by facilitating medication adherence for vulnerable people.

 Susan Ganz TU Student Fellows: Emily Vogel and Michael Franz

Mint Print LLC logo

Mint Print maintains a platform that uses blockchain technology to solve the digital ownership problem in an intuitive way by offering consumers the ability to purchase, lend, give away, and even resell the books they buy digitally. Mint Print LLC provides a publishing platform as well as an easy-to-use marketplace platform for buying and reselling digital books, comics, and audiobooks.

Daniele Jean-Pierre and Cylton Collymore

ORO Financial logo

ORO Financial is a web3 fintech revolutionizing finance by building financial tools for communities across the world. ORO Financial is an early entrant in a new web3 sector called “Decentralized Monetary Authorities.”

Kobby Osei-Kusi

Pirl Technology logo

Pirl Technology builds next generation electric vehicle (EV) charging stations to accelerate the transition to electrified transport. Using the latest Internet-of-Things (IOT) technology, we deploy stations that charge rapidly, have a lower environmental footprint, and delight owners with an engaging user experience.

Daria Lucchesi

Pro Theory logo

Pro Theory makes it really easy for anyone that wants to coach an athlete anything to set up, manage, and grow an in-person and or digital training brand. It combines a software tool, marketplace, and network to create a community optimized for the connected sports training space.

Rebecca Rosenberg

Rebokeh logo

Building modern, customizable assistive technologies for individuals with moderate vision impairments.

Veena Radhakrishnan and Patrick Dempsey

inso logo

Learner-centered, data-driven. Inso is an online discussion platform that creates student-driven discussions with easily accessible insights into trending ideas and emerging themes generated by students, turning ideas into knowledge.

2021 Cohort

Delaney Fox

Minutes 4 Moms

Minutes 4 Moms brings families the sweetest local care providers in a snap. We help young people grow professionally through our unique work experiences and team “perks,” while fueling our clients, career-loving parents, with the resources they need to excel in all that they do.

Victor Ehienulo and Madiagne Sarr

Plugged Technologies Inc.

Plugged is a SaaS diversity recruiting venture that democratizes the way opportunities are shared to diverse candidates through our web app, mobile, messaging and interview platform. Plugged University partners with HBCUs to connect their school departments and the career center with large companies to offer internships, full time opportunities and streamline information session scheduling to their students. In essence, we help HBCUs increase student engagement with recruiters by 80% and convert companies to donors, therefore creating a new line of revenue for HBCUs.

Terrel K. Hunt, Wayne Morgan and Jeremiah Kobena

Good Choice Productions

Good Choice Productions is a 501c3 nonprofit founded by three Syracuse University football players who all grew up in the boroughs of New York City. As former D1 athletes we know first-hand the pain athletes face as their sports career comes to an end and they are left to fend for themselves. Our mission is to ensure these athletes receive the much-needed mental health, financial literacy, life planning and career guidance so that they may flourish after the end of their sports career.

Veena Radhakrishnan and Patrick Dempsey


Learner-centered, data-driven. Inso (formerly Pretzl) is an online discussion platform that creates student-driven discussions with easily accessible insights into trending ideas and emerging themes generated by students, turning ideas into knowledge.

Brendon Mellinger (CBE ’21), Michael Wyman (CBE ’21), Jack Bauerle and Josh Bloom


Renndvous is an online vehicle sales marketplace and social site for modified and collector vehicles. We create a place for owners of such vehicles to showcase and sell them more effectively. We strive to create a marketplace where these niche vehicles can be both sold for more by sellers and more easily found by buyers. Our ultimate goal is to act as a one-stop-shop from buying to selling a collector or modified vehicle.

Colin Dougherty (CBE ’17)


CAMSKNS is a direct-to-consumer company focused on the protection and customization of end-users' cameras, drones, lenses, and GoPros. Our goal is to allow individuals the ability to express themselves through their own gear while using unique patterns that best suit their personality.

Jal Irani (FCSM ’15) and Derek Battle


Flave, returning as a mentor company, is a mobile app that incentivizes foodies to eat local instead of at chain restaurants. This happens through gamification and getting personalized friend recommendations.

2020 Cohort

Eric Hamrock and Dr. Scott Levin


StoCastic is transforming the delivery of healthcare through ground-breaking products and services that harness large-scale electronic health record (EHR) data to give care teams real-time predictive insight for smoother, more affordable care. Our products are rooted in data science and operations research developed at Johns Hopkins Medicine. 

Adeel Afshar

Halal Beauty Cosmetics

Halal Beauty Cosmetics is a 100% halal certified consumer cosmetics brand working to help Muslims both look and feel beautiful without compromising on their faith. Their products contain no pork or alcohol, thereby meeting the demands of millions of Muslims around the world.

Jal Irani, Derek Battle and James Soldinger

Flave: Taste the town

Flave is a mobile app that incentivizes foodies to eat local instead of at chain restaurants. We do this through gamification and getting personalized friend recommendations.

Ben Ferry

Lockbox Adventures

Lockbox Adventures is a challenging, puzzle-solving game where players get a locked box, without a combination. Players must solve a series of puzzles to reveal the combination to ultimately gain access to the box and receive their prize.

Drew Anawalt, 2020 Business Marketing CBE; Jake Guy, 2020 Sports Management CBE; Cullen Joyce, 2021 Sports Management CHP; Tommy Parker, 2021 Mass Communications COFAC and Ben Hollingsworth, 2021 Information Sciences FCSM

The Shark Market

The Shark Market is a sports betting platform. Creating a new and unique sports betting game, Shark Market allow users to feel the competitiveness of sports betting and compete against friends while also saving their money in the process.

Hua Wang

SmartBridge Health

SmartBridge Health connects patients, caregivers and survivors with top cancer doctors remotely for phone consultations, expert second opinions and clinical trial navigation.  We offer a seamless experience that saves time and money and also leads to better health outcomes and happier lives.

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