This weekend!

If you didn’t opt in to move earlier this spring, OTS will migrate your Google account to Microsoft, May 26-29. You’ll use Outlook when you get the confirmation email from Student Computing Services (SCS). Your email address won’t change. 

Microsoft Outlook icon

Microsoft Outlook

Login to Outlook if you’re a new/admitted student or current student who HAS been migrated. All students will log into Outlook by May 30.

Launch Microsoft 365: Outlook
Gmail icon


Login to Google through May 29 if you're a current student who has NOT been migrated to Microsoft. 

Launch Webmail by Google

What's happening 

Student email, calendar and file storage/sharing services are moving from Google Suite (Gmail and Google Drive) to Microsoft 365 (Outlook and OneDrive). Learn more about the project at

Get help

If you need help or have questions, contact OTS Student Computing Services. See self-help resources for using Microsoft at TU