Latinx Student Development Program

Latinx Student Development Program works to recruit, engage, retain, and graduate students from Latinx backgrounds and to ensure their academic, sociocultural, personal, and professional success.

We advocate for the Latinx community, encourage K-12 students to attend college, advocate for Latinx students to take on leadership and service roles, and nurture students' during their adjustment to college life.


Latin American and Latinx Studies

The Latin American and Latino/a Studies Concentration within the interdisciplinary studies major allows students to approach the study of Latin America as an area from an interdisciplinary perspective.

Latino Providers Network

The Latino Providers Network manages and coordinates a membership community base umbrella organization with over 70 organizations and 200 individual members that provide direct services to the Latino community in the Baltimore Metropolitan Region in the areas of health, education, immigration, business, employment, arts and culture.