LGBT Internship Program

The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT Studies program at Towson University is excited to announce internship positions developed in partnership with the LGBTQ+ Student Development program in the Center for Student Diversity.

Internship Details

Internships are for credit (3 to 6 credits per semester, 400-level).

Credits will fulfill requirements for the LGBT minor, and will count as upper level credit toward graduation for students, regardless of major or minor.

Internships require on-site hours (8 or 16 hrs / week, depending on credit). Contact Dr. Cindy Gissendanner for more information on internship opportunities at .

Internships also require an academic component (paper/project) related to the internship position. This will be coordinated through Dr. Cindy Gissendanner (Director, LGBT Studies Minor).