Lavender Celebration

UU Potomac Lounge

Hosted by the LGBT Student Development Program & LGBT Studies Program, the Lavender Celebration is held annually as the culminating event of the academic year.

This auspicious occasion honors the remarkable leadership of our students, looks at the year in retrospect, and gives us the opportunity to congratulate our graduating seniors as they take their next step. Many LGBTQIA students strive for success during their college years, while dealing with the various obstacles involved in the coming out experience, transition, and various forms of intolerance. We want to honor students for their strength, determination, resilience and exceptional leadership in the face of these obstacles and celebrate the rich diversity that comprises our community.

We invite campus administrators/faculty/staff, alumni, parents/families of graduates and the entire LGBTQIA student body to attend this event and enjoy the program, appetizers and celebration of our outstanding students!