Women’s Resources Program

The Women’s Resources Program is responsible for coordinating campus programming that addresses the unique needs of female college students, providing a space for all students to discuss issues of gender and building the leadership capacity of female students.

The Women's Resources Program offers a safe space on campus where women of all ages, physical conditions, sexual identities, spiritual beliefs and ethnic origins can realize their full potential.

The program focuses on three core areas

  • Women in Leadership training

  • Programming on Campus and Community Gender Equity

  • Student and Student Group Mentoring

Programs and Resources

We offer a wide variety of campus programming each year on topics relevant to women's and gender issues.

One-on-One Mentoring

Students come by to seek advice on relationships, wellness, academic progress, and career goals.

Support for Mature Aged Students

Charlotte W. Newcombe Scholarship

The goal of the Charlotte W. Newcombe Scholarship program is to support students 25 and older in the completion of a first bachelor’s degree so they can advance their careers after graduation.

Mature and Non-Traditional Students

We know it can be challenging to balance the demands of a job or family while pursuing your education. We are committed to your success as a mature and non-traditional student and offer a number of services and resources tailored to your needs.

Women in Leadership Conference

Each year, we partner with various departments and academic colleges to host the Women In Leadership Conference to focus on increasing the leadership capacity of women students and preparing them for success in the workplace. Conference presenters are alumnae, faculty, staff and local businesswomen.

Gender Discrimination and Title IX Resources

We are part of a campus-wide team of professionals and departments respond to and support survivors of sexual assault. We endeavor to foster a climate free from sexual misconduct through training, education, prevention programs. We accomplish this through policies and procedures that encourage prompt reporting, prohibit retaliation, and promote timely, fair and impartial investigation and resolution of sexual misconduct cases in a manner that eliminates the sexual misconduct, prevents its recurrence and addresses its effects.