Student Organizations & COVID-19

We are excited to welcome our student organizations back to campus this fall! This webpage should help student organizations in planning for the fall semester, and help students interested in joining a student organization understand what to expect.

The COVID-19 Student Organization Operating Procedures have been created with the health and wellbeing of our TU community at the forefront, and they are dynamic. Student organization officers are expected to be familiar with and comply with all requirements. Whether you are a student organization leader, member or potential member, it is important that you familiarize yourself with all information outlined below on the health and safety guidelines for student organizations.

Throughout the academic year, University leadership will continue to review and adjust these guidelines as needed. Primary contacts for student organizations on Involved@TU will be communicated with as policies and expectations change.

Check back soon for updated operating procedures for Fall 2021!

Planning Events On Campus

Here are some important things to know when planning, or planning to attend, an in-person event for the Fall 2021 semester.

Can we have in-person events in Fall 2021?

YES! We are excited to welcome student organizations back to campus and encourage student organizations to begin planning events for the fall semester. Virtual options are still welcome, but we look forward to hosting many great events on campus this Fall.

Are masks required at my event?

Continue to check the TU COVID-19 Response and Planning site for all updates regarding wearing masks on campus - 

Can we have a speaker or performer attend our in-person event in Fall 2021?

Yes! Speakers and performers are once again permitted. Remember, however, that student organizations are not permitted to sign contracts.

Can we table on campus?

Yes. Request a table via 25Live. Tables are reserved on a first come first service basis. At this time, no food may be sold or distributed during tabling unless it has been purchased through Black & Gold Catering.

Will there be capacities for events in the fall semester?

Yes. Capacity numbers for spaces have been updated to reflect current guidance from the CSC. Work with Events & Conference Services to select a space that will work safely for your event.

How do I manage the capacity at my event?

The event organizers are responsible for monitoring attendance to ensure the number of attendees does not exceed permitted maximum occupancy, designated by Events & Conference Services. We encourage you to use the Involved@TU Check In App (see below) to help track attendance and manage capacity limits.

Can my student organization travel?

Student organizations are permitted to travel. As always, an off campus travel form must be completed. 

Can we participate in community service?

Community service is always encouraged and organizations are welcome to pursue only virtual community service opportunities, as well as, in person opportunities at this time. The Office of Civic Engagement and Social Responsibility provides many resources for community service opportunities

Involved@TU Event Check-In Process

Once an in-person event is approved through Events and Conferences Services, student leaders can move forward with advertising their event. New this year, we have an event check-in app that must be used, and will help you track attendance at your events! This is a requirement for all in-person events hosted by student organizations.

How To: Participants

  • Download the CORQ app. It is available in the Apple Store and on Google Play.
  • Select Towson University and sign in with your TU NetID and password.
  • View and learn about upcoming events and RSVP any events you are attending.
  • When attending an event in person, pull up your “Event Pass” to check into the program.

How To: Student Organizations

  • Add the event in the Involved@TU portal, and set the RSVP maximum to the capacity of the event, as determined by ECS. While not required, it’s encouraged to list the event and RSVP for virtual events as well.
  • During the event, the event organizer is responsible for checking all students into the event on the CORQ app.
  • Check out this YouTube video for a full tutorial on the CORQ app!

Best Practices for Student Organizations

While managing your student organization in this hybrid space, here’s a few tips and considerations to keep in mind:

  • Make sure your Involved@TU webpage is up-to-date with contact information and events! This is key to engaging with potential new members.
  • Think critically about whether or not an in-person event is necessary to fulfill your organization’s goals.
  • Plan farther in advance, to allow for additional time to confirm your reservation and prepare event details with ECS. It is suggested that your event reservation is submitted for review at least 21 days in advance of the intended event.
  • If your organization is overseen by a national organization or governing body outside of TU (such as fraternities, sororities, honor societies, etc.), make sure to review their guidelines and policies as well. If you are sponsored by, affiliated with or supported by an academic or student affairs department, communicate with them regularly and follow any additional guidelines thy have in place. When there’s a conflict between TU’s policy and the outside organization’s policy, the stricter of the two policies applies to ensure you’re following all expectations from all parties.
  • Recognize that not everyone may feel safe participating in gatherings. Consider offering your events virtually to ensure all students may participate.
  • Virtual events also come with accessibility considerations, just like in-person events. Online programs should be accessible for students with blindness, low vision and deaf or hard of hearing, among others. View more information on technology and information accessibility.
  • Consider using WebEx to stay connected with your student organization, executive board or any other group of students.
  • Social media is critical to the branding and recruitment success of your organization! Make sure you have a consistent social media plan that highlights the successes and goals of your organization. Think of your social media as an ongoing Involvement Fair!

What questions and challenges are you having? The Office of Student Activities is here to help! Contact Chris Rindosh () with any questions or concerns.