Political Engagement

Political engagement is an important part of being an engaged citizen. Political engagement encompasses a person's right to vote, advocating for policy and engage in the political process.

Tiger Pride Day
Tiger Pride Day

The Office of Civic Engagement & Social Responsibility promotes active citizenship with annual events and informational campaigns. Every September, Towson University hosts events and engagement opportunities on the 9/11 Day of Remembrance, Constitution Day, and National Voter Registration Day, during our month long series of events known as Civic Action Month.

Voter registration and educational programs occur year round, with extra emphasis during the election season. We also collaborate with and support various student organizations and campus units in their own political engagement efforts.

In addition, we encourage student awareness of current issues through the PawPrints Collegiate Readership Program with campus newspaper across campus and monthly discussions at the Issues to Action Series.

Freedom Square is located at the heart of Towson University's campus and it provides a forum for the campus community to express and deliberate issues of civic concern. Students are encouraged to have thoughtful conversations and are active participants in the engaging dialogue that occurs at Freedom Square.