Welcome to TU

Whether this will be your first time in college or you are transferring from another institution, Welcome to TU is your next step as a Tiger. W2TU will prepare you to navigate TU academically and socially through a series of fun and informative events.


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Download the TU Events App

Download the “Welcome to TU” guide to keep the W2TU schedule at your fingertips. These apps will also keep you informed about events throughout the term.

Download the app
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Download the CORQ App

Your Involved@TU source and your personalized QR code that you’ll need to attend in-person, campus events. Over 250+ organizations linked to this app and on involved.towson.edu 

Visit Involved@TU


Orientation At-A-Glance

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Pre-Orientation Module

Complete your pre-orientaiton module at least 48 hours prior to Summer Orientation. Your family can use Guest access to view.

Pre-Orientation Module Log-In
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Summer Orientation

Register for and attend your mandatory virtual Summer Orientation. Additionally, optional in-person orientation is also available!

Summer Orientation Registration
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Welcome to TU

Attend mandatory and optional Welcome to TU (W2TU) events in August from move in through the weekend before classes start.

Welcome to TU

Keep in Touch

Learn more about TU and connect with us on our social platforms.