Policies & Forms

Recognized Greek chapters are expected to uphold all policies and regulations established by the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life, Towson University, and the State of Maryland. 

maintaining your chapter

Faculty Advisor

All fraternal organizations must have a faculty/staff advisor.

Responsibilities of Faculty Advisor:

  • Work with chapters on designing, updating, and administering their academic plan. 
  • Interpret university policies. 
  • Serve as judicial advisor in cases of conduct issues. 
  • Work with students in chapter that are in academic jeopardy. 
  • CAP support – Assist with programs in the area of their expertise.

All chapters at Towson University are now required to have proof of one million dollars ($1,000,000.00) of social liability insurance. Towson University must be named as the certificate holder on the document.

National offices can fill out the form below to submit proof of insurance. This is due October 1.

Insurance Paperwork


Minimum GPA

Students interested in joining a Greek-letter organization must be a fully matriculated (full-time credit load) undergraduate student who possess over a 2.5 cumulative GPA. First-semester freshman and transfer students are exempt from this requirement. No graduate students may participate, as a roster member, with the chapter.

Minimum Membership

All chapters at TU must have at least five (5) members. If any chapter falls below five members, they will have one year to raise the total to five members. Any chapter that fails to do so will no longer be recognized. 

SGA Internal Accounts

All chapters have “internal” accounts with SGA and will no longer need to bring money to events to pay ECS, Catering, etc.

Money may be deposited on the first floor of the University Union across from the bookstore.

Website Maintenance

An updated website is extremely vital to the success of any group. A website is part of how perspective students and families, students and staff, and local communities learn about the group and their activities.

Please check your chapter's homepage under Recognized Fraternities and Sororities. If the correct link for your homepage is not posted, please send the new link to cheasley@towson.edu

university policies & procedures

Events Involving Alcohol

All chapters must hand in all social paperwork, when alcohol is involved, no later than seven days prior to the event to help with event planning.

No events registrations will be accepted, without a very good excuse, after the seven day period.

If you are doing a social/mixer with one or more organizations, all paperwork from all parties must be handed in at the same time.

Social Event Policy


NPHC and MGC Membership Intake and Neophyte Presentation
Pledge/New Member Process

The new member process can be no longer than six (6) weeks in the fall and seven (7) in the spring (due to spring break). Please plan accordingly.

The official start date will begin the day you begin the new member process. If you take two pledge/new member classes in one semester you can have two separate dates for initiations and two separate timelines. Please notify your new member educator and your national office to make changes.

There will be no exceptions to this rule.

Postings (Housing and Residence Life)

To protect the privacy of residents, commercial activities and door-to-door solicitation or distribution of materials are prohibited in the buildings or on the grounds of University Housing. Advertising must follow established university and Housing and Residence Life posting policies. No advertising or posting may be placed on the outside of buildings, windows, or doors. These policies apply to all individuals and groups except when written permission has been specifically granted by the Assistant Vice President of Housing and Residence Life or his/her designee.

Postings (University Union)

All advertisements that are to be posted in the University Union must be submitted to the University Union information desk for approval. Union staff will post the advertising.

Posting on campus in academic buildings should only be on approved free posting boards in academic buildings. Posting is never allowed on doors, windows, trees, poles, benches, lampposts, walkways, etc.

Students or student groups found in violation of this policy will be asked to remove the postings within twenty-four (24) hours and judicial action will be taken. If after twenty-four (24) hours the posting is not removed and Facilities Management cleans the surface, the group will be charged for the cost of their services.

Social Events

Each named chapter sponsoring an event, regardless of the location, is held responsible for all persons attending. All sponsoring groups shall follow their (inter)national policy to determine if they may sponsor an event.

Social Event Notification Forms must be submitted to the Director for Fraternity & Sorority Life or designee one (1) week (7 days) in advance of social events.

Social Event Policy

University Relationship Statement



The following awards are awards in which chapters from all five councils are eligible to win. (Winners will be one chapter from each council which means one winner per award.)

For the following awards, only one person/chapter can win from the entire Greek community:

No Application:

  • Council President of the Year 
  • Highest Chapter GPA (for the calendar year)
  • Excellence in Recruitment
  • Male President of the Year
  • Female President of the Year
  • The Dr. Teresa Hall Chapter of the Year Award
Injury/Accident Report Form
IGC Recruitment Guidelines