Programs & Activities

Fraternities and sororities on campus participate in many programs and activities throughout the year. Check out the calendar of events and description of events for more information.


Dance the Madness

Dance the Madness, formerly known as Yell Like Hell, is a dance competition. Its history is rooted in homecoming week at Towson University, however it has become its own standalone event. During this event Fraternity and Sorority Life partners with Athletics and the winter sports teams to host this event.

Greek Week

Greek Week is an annual competition among the Greek organizations that consists of athletic/spirit events, educational programs, and a service or philanthropic component. Events may include dodgeball, aquatics, can castle building, bowling, volleyball tournaments, trivia, Greek Olympics, and Greek Sing.

Fraternities and sororities compete for points in each event throughout the week. At the conclusion of the week, the fraternity and sorority with the most points are crowned the Greek Week Champions. Trophies are also presented to the second and third place teams respectively. 

Greek Sing

Greek Sing is an annual singing and dance competition that takes place during Greek Week. It features chapters from all councils on campus and is a culmination of a week of sports, philanthropy, and talent exhibition of the Towson University Fraternity and Sorority community. This event is worth double the points, and is one of the most anticipated Greek events in the year.