Conferences & Retreats

Black Student Leadership Conference

Date: Friday, March 10, 2017

10 AM-4:30PM - Chesapeake Ballrooms 

This year’s conference theme is "Leaving your Legacy" and will focus on acknowledging challenges, building resiliency, and empowering current and aspiring student leaders of color to use their talents and abilities to serve their communities. Registration is free and open to all current and aspiring student leaders, but all participants must register onlineThe Center for Student Diversity is accepting applications for Presentation Proposals the Black Student Leadership Conference. 

More information on the conference

Service-Learning & Civic Engagement Conference

April 2019

The Service-Learning & Civic Engagement Conference (SLCE) is an annual event hosted by the Campus Compact Mid-Atlantic, a network of universities and individuals dedicated to creating strong civic engagement, service-learning, and community partnerships in the Maryland, Delaware and D.C. area.  Students, faculty, staff, and community partners come together to discuss the achievements and challenges around civic engagement and service-learning work.  For more information, contact

Women in Leadership Conference

Date: Saturday, April 8, 2017

Towson University will be hosting the Women in Leadership (WIL) Conference, Presented by the Center for Student Diversity. This conference will increase the leadership capacity of female students and prepares them for success in the workplace. This is a selective event, only 100 students nominated by deans, faculty members or staff, are invited to attend. Students participate in a full-day conference with workshops presented by alumnae, local businesswomen and Towson faculty. The program also includes a post-conference networking event where a small group of students connect with college deans and conference speakers.

21st Multicultural Conference: Looking Back to Look Forward

Date: Friday, April 14, 2017

This year, the Student Government Association (SGA), the Council of Diverse Student Organizations (CDSO), and TU’s Diversity Action Committee (DAC) are collaborating to host Towson University’s 21st Multicultural Conference: Exploring Modern Day Segregation.

The theme of this year’s conference, Looking Back to Look Forward, will provide a platform to discuss research, perspectives, and experiences as we explore, question, and challenge modern day segregation. While the Civil Rights era made tremendous strides in fighting for racial desegregation, what does modern day segregation look like – 50 years later – in the 21st century? Many groups continue to experience segregation based on identities and social markers. Are laws and policies inclusive of LGBTQIA peoples? Do people with disabilities have fair and appropriate access? Can pay inequity and gender-based violence be prevented? Does nation of origin dictate a person’s right to pursue a better life? Does wealth or income impact access to healthcare, education, and housing? Is full integration desired by all?

The conference program will feature a speaker, followed by a number of student-led presentations and panel discussions on the current voluntary and involuntary separation of groups in society. 

10th Annual Environmental Conference

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

The Environmental Conference is designed to raise awareness among students, faculty and staff around the topics of sustainability and environmental engagement. Members of the campus community will gather to participate in workshops and hear presentations from faculty, students, and environmental leaders in the Baltimore/Maryland area.  For more information.


Fall 2018

Every year Towson University holds its very own version of TED talks aptly titled “TEDxTowsonU.” This is an opportunity for students, faculty, staff of the university, as well as Towson community members to hear engaging ideas. Last year, our theme was “Engage”. For more information on TEDxTowsonU.

Retreat for Environmental Action (REA)

October 5-7, 2018

The 1st annual Retreat for Environmental Action (REA) is an opportunity for TU students to:

  • Deepen their understanding of ecology, environmental justice, and sustainability
  • Connect with students & faculty who share their interests
  • Develop action plans to help solve environmental issues
  • Enjoy the outdoors

Where: TU Field Station (Transportation will be provided from TU). For more information, contact  


Social Justice Retreat 

Date: Fall 2017

The Retreat for Social Justice is an annual weekend retreat sponsored by the Center for Student Diversity. This retreat gives students who participate an opportunity to explore their cultural identities and interact with people from diverse backgrounds. The weekend is full of fun, interactive and enlightening activities that help participants:

  • Explore and understand their identities and how those identities influence their attitudes, beliefs and behaviors
  • Create dialogue and conversations with their peers from different backgrounds, perspectives and experiences
  • Learn ways they can interrupt prejudice and advocate for social equity and justice
  • Develop ways to create an inclusive and welcoming environment on campus and in their communities.

Approximately 50 students are chosen to go each year, so students who wish to participate must submit an application. There is no cost to the students who are chosen to participate but space is limited. For more information, contact Anee Korme, Associate Director of Student Development, at or 410-704-2051.

Note: The Center for Student Diversity is not currently accepting applications for the Retreat for Social Justice. Make sure to check back in the fall for the application and deadlines for this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Leadership Bootcamp

Date: TBD

Leadership Boot camp is a combination of dissection and interactive initiatives that the students participate in during the day.  This training has been successful at many colleges and universities in the area and is based on the Marine Corps Leadership Traits and Principle. The program is a collaboration between Civic Engagement & Leadership and the Veteran's Center

There will be 80 students chosen to participate, so students who wish to participate must submit an application. There is no cost to the students who are chosen to participate and attend the entire session, but space is limited. 


Date: Fall 2017

Catalyst™ is a engaging introduction to leadership development as well as the LeaderShape® program.  This one-day retreat will help students on developing their authentic leadership path, connecting to groups and causes they're passionate about, as well as committing to a plan to act as a catalyst for themselves and their communities.  Registration will open in the Fall.