Want to establish yourself as a great leader? Consider applying for LeaderShape®. A national program available to Towson freshmen, sophomore and new transfer students, LeaderShape® is a highly interactive, energizing, leadership development retreat designed to help participants learn to lead with integrity over the course of six intensive, life-changing days.


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2019 LeaderShape® Applications

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2019 Dates: January 13-18 & January 20-25

LeaderShape® Participants

What will I learn during the program?

Program content reflects key leadership issues: vision, partnerships, integrity, and results. While at the Institute, students learn to: 

  • Work in high-performance teams, 
  • Practice decision-making for ethical dilemmas, 
  • Learn to deal with change, 
  • Clarify personal values and standards, and
  • Understand and respect the values of other individuals. 

Participants also learn the importance of trust, communication and group-problem solving through the Team Challenge Course. 

What happens at LeaderShape®?

LeaderShape® is comprised of approximately 60 students. Most of the interactive program is conducted in a large group called the Learning Community, with further discussion and teambuilding occurring in family clusters (groups of about 10-12 students). In family clusters, students are supported and challenged to develop new skills and attitudes in a safe environment. Each family cluster is lead by a cluster facilitator, a professional who serves as a resource, catalyst, and role model for the participants. 

How will I benefit from attending?

LeaderShape® was named an “exemplary program” by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation and was highlighted in Leadership in the Making: Impact and Insights From Leadership Development Programs in US Colleges and Universities (1999). The experience prepares students to change their worlds by providing the tools needed to

  • Achieve new insights, 
  • Improve relationships, 
  • Build more effective teams, and
  • Ultimately enhance society.

Apply to LeaderShape® 2019. For more information, contact Brandy Hall at  or 410-704-3521.

Cluster Facilitators

Want to be a cluster facilitator?

Cluster Facilitators work directly with a small group of 10-12 participants (a Family Cluster) during The LeaderShape® Institute to encourage authentic dialogue and enhance learning. For each LeaderShape® Institute, six faculty or staff for each session are selected for this role.  

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what is my role as a facilitator?

Because Cluster Facilitators have considerable interaction with the participants, they are very valuable members of the Institute. The Cluster Facilitator supports participants as they develop their Breakthrough Blueprints and encourages positive interpersonal and group development in a safe and trusting environment. Cluster Facilitators are also encouraged to maintain contact with members of their Family Cluster following their session through the implementation of the Day 7 program. This contact helps participants “stay in action” on their visions after the six-day Institute and will help sustain their commitment to integrity after the LeaderShape® Institute.

What will my specific duties entail?

· Modeling leadership behavior and acting with integrity
· Clarifying, summarizing, and sharing ideas
· Guiding group discussions
· Facilitating selected segments of the curriculum
· Establishing a climate conducive to learning
· Challenging assumptions and encouraging reflection and feedback
· Maintaining an energy level that matches the pace of the LeaderShape® Institute

How will this affect my work schedule?

Please note that this position requires you to be absent from work either January 13-18 or January 20-25. You will need your supervisor’s permission to participate.