Tiger Pledge

Towson University students take the Tiger Pledge upon entering Towson University during New Student Convocation and are challenged to live up to the ideals of the pledge throughout their academic careers.

Tiger Pledge
Tiger Pledge

For Towson University students, staff, and faculty:

“I will …

Treat others with civility and respect.
Inspire others with leadership and excellence.
Grow personally, professionally, ethically, and intellectually.
Engage in my community to make a difference.
Represent Towson University proudly.”

Tiger Commencement Pledge

All graduating seniors are invited to take the Tiger Commencement Pledge and wear a symbolic black and gold ribbon on Graduation Day. Pledge cards, ribbons and materials are passed out during cap and gown pick up periods for both winter and spring commencement ceremonies. Tiger Commencement Pledge scrolls are available for graduating students to sign at various locations during fall and spring semesters.

For graduating Towson University students:

“ I will...

Take responsibility for the social and environmental consequences of my decisions.
Inspire others by my example.
Grow personally, professionally, ethically, and intellectually.
Embrace opportunities for community involvement.
Represent TU proudly.”