Frequently Asked Questions

Towson University has collaborated with Gallup to provide TU students an opportunity to learn about their strengths and how they can enhance their personal and academic aspirations

How do I take the assessment? 

Navigate to the StrengthsQuest OS website. The StrengthsQuest assessment is online and will take approximately 35-minutes (more time is available to accommodate all students). 

Will I be labeled, stereotyped, or "put in a box" based on my talent themes/strengths?

No. The StrengthsFinder assessment is a tool that can help individuals in their own self-discovery. The Top Five Talents Themes are intended to help raise an individual's awareness about where they naturally excel or have the potential to excel. The intent behind the strengths-based approach is to help individuals learn and understand how to apply their own specific talents to the choices they make in their academic, career and personal lives.

What is a talent? What is a strength? How do they differ?

According to Gallup, a talent is "a naturally recurring pattern of thought, feeling or behavior that can be productively applied;" and a strength is "the ability to consistently provide near-perfect performance in a specific activity."  The key to building a strength is to identify your dominant talents, then complement them by acquiring knowledge and skills pertinent to the activity.  

Why does StrengthsQuest reveal only my Top Five Themes?

Talents are the "raw materials" required for strengths development, and the more dominant the talents, the greater the opportunity for strength. The instrument measures the presence of talents - naturally recurring patterns of thought, feeling, or behavior that can be productively applied - in 34 areas, or "themes." However, to provide focus on your most dominant talents, only your top five themes are revealed.

How likely is it to have the same Top 5 Talent Themes as somebody else?

The chances of having the exact same Top 5 Talent Themes in the exact order as someone else is 1 in 33.39 million. The chances of having the same Top 5 Talent Themes as someone else (but in a different order) is approximately 1 in 340,000.

What careers and/or majors should students pursue based on their talents themes/strengths?

Top 5 Talent Themes won't dictate specific majors or careers that an individual should pursue. For example, having the talent theme of "Analytical" does not mean that a person should pursue a major in math or computer science. Instead, consider how the person can apply his/her talents to the majors and/or careers that are of the greatest interest to her/him or how the skills and knowledge gained through a specific major and/or career will provide opportunities to transform a person's talents into strengths.

Where can I get more information about StrengthsQuest?

You can read the StrengthsQuest book for free on the SQ website. also has many useful tools to help you develop your strengths. Sign in to your account, click Resources, and explore research such as the online StrengthsQuest book, instructional videos for each of your talent themes, and an Action Planning Guide.

I have already taken StrengthsFinder before. Can I use the results I have?

Yes, Towson University supplies one assessment for each student or staff member.  You will need to be able to access your existing results through the original account you set with Gallup when you first took the assessment.

What email should I use to set up my StrengthsQuest account?

Please use your Towson University e-mail address to register.  If you have already registered with another e-mail account, please click “Link Existing Gallup Account” on the home page.  

After finishing taking StrengthsFinder, I received an error that said I had given too many neutral responses. What do I do?

You'll have to retake StrengthsFinder. Your account should be automatically reset so that you can take the assessment again. Log back in using the username and password that you used to create your account and you should be directed to retake StrengthsFinder.

Which report should I use from the StrengthsQuest website?

Start with your Signature Theme Report. This report will provide you with general overall descriptions of each of your talent themes.  After you are more familiar with these general descriptions and how your themes apply in your life, move on to the Strengths Insight and Action Planning Guide. This report provides descriptions of your themes in a way that also takes the unique combination of your Top 5 Talent Themes into account.  This report also provides some specific ideas for how you can take action steps that are based on your talents.

Is the assessment available in other languages?

The StrengthsFinder assessment is offered in 20 languages. When you create your account, there will be an option to choose a language for the assessment.

Can I retake the assessment? Can taking the StrengthsFinder more than once affect my results?

Your student e-mail address allows you to take the assessment once.  Because talents are naturally enduring, it is unlikely that your talents will change significantly over the course of your Towson University experience. However, by shifting your focus and acquiring new skills and knowledge to capitalize on your greatest talents in different ways, you can develop new strengths.

How can I get my full list of 34 talent themes?

You are able to purchase your entire results on the Gallup store website.