Challenge Course

Campus Recreation’s Challenge Course is available to all TU organizations and the Towson community. The mission of the Challenge Course is to promote individual student and group development through experiential challenges that can be applied to everyday life. Challenge Course facilitators design and structure programs unique to each group's needs. 

TU student participating on the Challenge Course

The Challenge Course, located in Glen Arboretum, offers programs using 11 challenge course elements. Indoor programs are also available within Campus Recreation facilities or at an on-campus location of the organization's choice.

Programs offer individual and group benefits, including: 

  • Group communication
  • Creative problem solving
  • Developing self esteem
  • Group dynamics
  • Decision-making skills
  • Leadership development
  • Experiential education
  • Personal and team growth 
Session Type TU Student Price
Tu Fac/Staff price Off-Campus price
Two-hour Challenge Course in Glen Woods
$7/person $8.75/person $11/person
Three-hour Challenge Course in Glen Woods $9/person $11.25/person $14/person
Four-hour Challenge Course in Glen Woods $11/person $13.75/person $17/person
Two-hour Indoor Program $5/person  $6.25/person $7.50/person

How to Sign-Up

Outdoor Adventures staff will contact you via your supplied phone number or email to confirm the details of your request within two business days of its receipt.