SAGE Community

The SAGE Community focuses on academic success, community building, professional development and expanding multicultural knowledge of first year students participating in the SAGE (Students Achieve Goals through Education) Program. SAGE Community residents will have access to a strong support network including academic support, relationships with faculty, staff and peers, various campus services, and peer mentorship throughout the academic year that will create a connected sense of community.  This community is a partnership between the Center for Student Diversity and Housing & Residence Life.

Applicants should be first generation college students who are eligible for financial aid via the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) guidelines, must participate in a 5 day residential experience prior to fall move-in, and if selecting a roommate should select a roommate who is also a first generation college students and eligible for financial aid via FAFSA guidelines.

Community Benefits

  • Dedicated support for tutoring and academic advising
  • SAGE Peer Mentors living within the community
  • Additional programming in collaboration with the Center for Student Diversity
  • Move in early to participate in 5 day pre-orientation experience


What is SAGE?

The SAGE Community is one component of Towson University's cultural diversity and student retention plan. Program resources are used to foster academic achievement, personal development, and campus wide involvement among entering students from diverse backgrounds. The SAGE program's mission remains the same but has expanded to include this unique living arrangement for a select group of entering freshmen who wish to participate. SAGE community participants are assigned a peer mentor and participate in various activities that enhance academic, budget management, and decision-making skills. Participants also expand their knowledge of diverse cultural groups, career development strategies, and participate in networking opportunities. For More Information visit: SAGE

How do I apply?

 Current residents: Applications will be available in Spring 2017. You must be a SAGE Mentor for 2017-2018 to be considered for placement in the SAGE Community.

New students interested in the SAGE Community must complete the online housing request process. This includes paying a $350 non-refundable housing deposit and agreeing to the terms and conditions of the housing contract.  During the online process students will be able to identify interest in the SAGE Community. 

For information on how to apply to the SAGE Program visit: SAGE Application.  For information on the online housing request process visit: Request Housing


 What staffing is there for the community? 

The community will have two Resident Assistants and multiple SAGE Mentors and Liaisons.  Additionally, there will be support from multiple campus partners including,  the Center for Student Diversity, College of Liberal Arts, Academic Advising Center, the Tutoring & Learning Center, and Housing and Residence Life.

Is the one week residential experience prior to fall move in required? What will it include? 

All students selected for the SAGE Community will be required to participate in the one week residential experience prior to move in. 

Are there required classes for participation in the SAGE Community? 

Up to 100 freshmen SAGE participants will enroll in a core group of classes designed to support the objectives of the SAGE Learning Community, and English 102 will be the foundational class offered. Students will work with the Advising Center to select other classes offered by the College of Liberal Arts. Some of the choices include:

Philosophy 103 (Introduction to Ethics)
Family Studies 201 (Family Resources)
Sociology 101 (Introduction to Sociology)
Anthropology 207 (Cultural Anthropology)
Women’s Studies 231 (Women in Perspective)

How many roommates would I have?

Rooms vary between double and triples with either community bathrooms or shared suite bathrooms. 

Can I have a roommate who is not in SAGE? 

All members living in the SAGE Community must also participate in the SAGE Program. 

How do I make a special accommodation request?

Through the online housing request process there will be an opportunity to complete a special accommodation request.

When was the SAGE Community established?

The SAGE Community was established in Fall 2014 in Newell Hall in collaboration with the Center for Student Diversity, Housing & Residence Life, College of Liberal Arts, Academic Advising Center, and Tutoring & Learning Center.

Additional Housing and Residence Life FAQ's can be found in the link below:


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