Paca House & Carroll Hall Naming Review Committee

Towson University’s Paca House and Carroll Hall Naming Review Committee will review the names of Paca House and Carroll Hall, two TU residence halls located in West Village.

Open Call For Prospective Names 

The Residence Hall Naming Committee invites the TU community to submit prospective names to be considered for West Village 1 and West Village 2 (formerly Paca House and Carroll Hall). Submissions should be no longer than 750 words, providing rationale for why the prospective name is being recommended. Prospective names must not be limited to a person (living or deceased); however, if the name of an individual(s) is submitted, the submission must include supporting details based on the criteria included in 06-04.00 - Policy on Naming of Facilities and Academic Programs.

Submissions should be made no later than Monday, March 14, 2022 to .

Questions may also be sent to .   

As expressed in TU’s facility naming policy, the committee will “ensure that Towson University facilities, buildings, and programs are named consistently with the university’s principles, ideals, and values.” Additionally, the committee, made of representatives from TU’s shared governance bodies (i.e., faculty, staff and students) and the Office of Inclusion & Institutional Equity, will determine how the recommended name meets the following six specific criteria outlined in the policy:

  1. Facilities and programs should be named for scholars and other distinguished individuals who are/were prominent in their field or endeavor and/or have contributed meaningfully to Towson University or to the State of Maryland.
  2. One year must pass before the name of an individual who is formerly affiliated with the University, or held public office and/or has been employed by the USM or the State of Maryland may be considered for honorific naming.
  3. The legacy of the namesake should be aligned with the mission and values of the university.
  4. The individual’s work inspires effective, ethical leaders, and engaged citizens.
  5. The individual’s work crafts solutions that would enrich the culture, society, economy, and/or environment of Maryland, the region, and beyond.
  6. Facilities and programs can also be named for prominent geographic landmarks in the State of Maryland

As progress on the residence hall renaming moves forward, updates will be posted here for transparency and with the intention to keep the TU community informed. 

Committee Members

The Paca House and Carroll Hall Naming Review Committee is representative of TU’s shared governance bodies — faculty, staff and students — and includes the following members:

Vernon J. Hurte Vice President for Student Affairs and Committee Chair
Alison Armstrong University Advancement
Kameron Chung Undergraduate Student
Jordan DeVeaux Student Government Association President and Representative
Andrew Diemer Associate Professor of History
Paul-Sean Gray Alumnus and TU Foundation Board Member 
Desirée Rowe Academic Senate Chair and Representative
Heather Sorensen TU Staff Senate President and Representative
Ashley Todd-Diaz Assistant Librarian for Special 
Collections and University Archives



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