Scarborough Hall

Scarborough Hall
Scarborough Hall

Scarborough Hall is composed of mostly double rooms with a few three-person capacity rooms arranged along corridors. Each room is equipped with beds, mirrors, dressers, desks, chairs, carpets, and Venetian blinds. Each floor has community bathrooms on the corridor and a kitchen/study area. The building has a large lobby, study, music rooms, and a recreation room. Scarborough accommodates about 160 students. This building does not have air conditioning.

Who Are Our Residence Halls Named After?

Mary Hudson Scarborough

Mary Hudson Scarborough was born in Snow Hill, Worcester County, Maryland. She entered the Maryland State Normal School in September 1889 as a member of the middle class and graduated in May 1891. After graduation, Miss Scarborough taught high school in Reisterstown, Maryland. She went on to get her B. S. from Goucher College in 1897.

In 1899, Mary Hudson Scarborough was appointed principal of the Model School of the Maryland State Normal School, and in 1907 transferred to the Normal School Faculty and taught mathematics for thirty years. During this time, Miss Scarborough served as the chairman of the mathematics division of curriculum at the college, and went on to earn a M. S. in Mathematics as well as a Diploma in Supervision from Columbia University in 1925. Miss Scarborough also acted as the organizer of state summer schools.

After retiring in 1937, Miss Scarborough traveled through Europe and continued to maintain close ties with the Alumni Association, of which she was field secretary from 1937-38 and 1946-47. Miss Scarborough maintained close contact with all of her students and followed up after graduation. She also visited alumni all over Maryland, started the state association, and set up the first set of by-laws of the Alumni Association.

Mary Hudson Scarborough died November 11, 1953, and left a portion of her will to the college.



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