Mac Corner

Welcome to Mac Corner, a reference hub for Mac services and resources at Towson University. 

Mac in university office being used by a staff member
 TU Staff member working on an iMac

TU is a Mac friendly environment and our Mac services are on a par with Windows. Get Mac-specific resources & tips like info on software, training and where to find Macs on campus.

Assistance and Support

University-Owned Macs

The Office of Technology Services (OTS) provides connectivity to the campus network and access to university products and services for TU Macs. Campus Mac systems are managed centrally with Jamf software to ensure security, stability, and ease of remote support, and Jamf Self Service provides software distribution. 

OTS support staff are trained on Mac support and many use Macs as their primary computer. We have specialists on staff to assist with more complex issues. All Mac support requests are initiated through the OTS Faculty/Staff Help Center at 410-704-5151 and follow the menu options or submit a TechHelp service request. Learn more about support options for Macs.

Personally-Owned Macs

OTS does not provide assistance for personally-owned systems other than guidance for connecting to the university network. For help with a personally-owned Mac, contact Apple Support directly.