Adobe CC Installations & Updates

This page provides guidelines and information for installing and updating Adobe Creative Cloud (Adobe CC) software at Towson every year.

It's crucial that faculty and staff keep the Adobe CC software updated on their University computers. Adobe software is too large to deploy and install automatically on University computers. We rely on faculty and staff to follow the procedures below to upgrade Adobe software on their university computers each year when notified to do so. 

For a current list of Adobe CC apps installed on University computers, see Towson University Adobe Software (PDF). 

Why do I need to upgrade and update Adobe CC software?

Adobe CC applications are managed centrally at Towson and software updates are disabled on University computers. You need to install Adobe CC software updates on your University computer when notifications are sent to you for the following reasons:

  • To ensure you get the latest Adobe features, innovations, bug fixes, and improvements.
  • To maintain a common campus version, which reduces confusion and version incompatibility when sharing Adobe files with other students, faculty and staff.
  • To ensure classroom, lab, and office versions will all be on a consistent supported version.

How and when annual Adobe CC upgrades handled 

Adobe has no set schedule for updates to their software; as application updates are done throughout the year.

Upgrades to applications are released by Adobe in each June. OTS creates installation packages with Adobe's latest June application releases and distributes the packages to Towson Adobe client computers for faculty and staff to install.

Unless Adobe releases a critical update that fixes something, only the summer upgrade is deployed to campus computers for the entire year.

Installation Procedures

Adobe CC software will be distributed to Macs with Jamf Self Service and to Windows with Microsoft Software Center each summer and email notifications will be sent to all Towson Adobe CC clients when the software is available for installation.

  • Installing and uninstalling procedures are simple, and faculty and staff will be able to complete the procedures themselves.
  • Faculty and staff that need assistance with installing or uninstalling Adobe CC applications can contact the OTS Faculty/Staff Help Center for assistance at
    410-704-5151 and follow the menu options.
  • Computers need to be plugged into a power outlet and the wired university network. Wireless or off-campus connections are not designed to reliably install this software.
  • It is important to uninstall older Adobe CC applications because they are fill up hard drive space and are no longer needed after upgrading to a new version.
  • Installations of Adobe CC collection packages can take approximately two hours.
  • To install Adobe CC software follow the appropriate procedure below:
    Adobe Mac Installation & Uninstallation Procedures (PDF)
    Adobe Windows Installation & Uninstallation Procedures (PDF)

What if the Adobe CC Installation Packages are Missing?

If you don’t see the Adobe CC 2015.5 installation packages in Self Service (Macs) or Software Center (Windows), please follow the Missing Adobe CC Package Procedures (PDF) to report the missing Adobe packages. 

Computer Labs & Classrooms

Colleges and departments follow the Towson schedule and install Adobe CC updates each summer on their classroom and lab computers.

How do I find my computer name, operating system and TU tag?

See Finding Computer Name, Operating System and TU Tag (PDF).

Adobe CC Software on Personal Computers

Adobe CC software installed on University computers is an enterprise version and works differently than Adobe software installed on personal computers. With Adobe software that is purchased and installed on personal computers, Adobe distributes and automatically installs the latest application versions and updates continuously. This may present compatibility issues when sharing or using Adobe files on university computers because Adobe software is only upgraded at Towson each summer.

For the schedule and general information about University Adobe software, see Adobe CC Installations & Updates.

Recommendation When Sharing Adobe Files Between Personal and University Computers:

To avoid compatibility problems when sharing Adobe files at Towson, consider only using university computers to create Adobe files. When sharing an Adobe file from a from a personal computer with someone using a university computer, the file may not open on the university computer. For the list of current Adobe CC apps and versions installed on university computers, see Towson University Adobe Software (PDF).

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