Adobe CC Installations & Updates

This page provides guidelines and information for installing and updating Adobe Creative Cloud (Adobe CC) software.

Adobe Software Installations


These facilities are managed by college and department technology staff. OTS provides staff with Adobe software installation packages annually.

The Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop app is not used in classrooms or computer labs. A current list of Adobe Software Apps & Packages for Classrooms and Computer Labs (PDF) is available.


Approval must be obtained by your chairperson or supervisor. Follow the Adobe CC Request Procedures to register and be granted access to Adobe licensed software on your University office computer.

After registering, the Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop app is sent to your computer for you to install. The app enables you to sign into the Adobe cloud and install all other Adobe apps, uninstall apps, and update apps on demand.

To install the Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop app, follow the Mac Procedures (PDF) or Windows Procedures (PDF).

If you don’t see Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop app installation packages in Self Service (Macs) or Software Center (Windows), follow the Missing Adobe CC Package Procedures (PDF) to report the missing Adobe packages and OTS staff will work with you to resolve the issue. 

Adobe Software Updates


Keeping Adobe apps updated to the latest Adobe app version is very important to ensure that you get the latest Adobe features, bug fixes, and improvements. 

Registered Adobe Towson employees are expected to use the the Adobe Creative Cloud desktop app to install Adobe app updates when Adobe releases updates that are compatible with their university computer.

On rare ocassions an Adobe app update you install may not be compatible with your computer operating system (OS). See Adobe App Updates (PDF) for instructions on how to resolve this issue.


Classrooms and computer labs are updated once each summer by college and department technology staff. 

Adobe CC Software on Personal Computers

Employees that have followed the Adobe CC Request Procedures to register for Adobe software for their University computer may also install their Towson-licensed software on a personal computer. For more information, see Adobe Installation Procedures - Personal Computers (PDF).

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