Facilitator Responsibilities & Procedures

The Apple App Store Volume Purchase Program (VPP) Facilitator is a Towson employee, designated by their college or department to manage their app purchases. VPP enables educational institutions to purchase Apple apps for iPad, iPod Touch, and iPhone (iOS) devices tax-free with their university procurement card. Apple hardware or apps for Macs are not included in VPP.

Facilitator Requirements

  • Towson employee with a university procurement card (p-card)
  • Complete and submit a link to VPP Facilitator Request Form (PDF)
  • A Towson VPP email account and maildrop will be created by OTS for the Facilitator 

Facilitator Role

The VPP Program Manager assists the Facilitator by providing a Towson email account and maildrop, used as the Apple ID needed to participate in VPP.

Facilitator Responsibilities

  • To monitor and maintain the Facilitator Apple ID account assigned to them by the VPP Program Manager.

    IMPORTANT: do not share the VPP Facilitator Apple ID password with anyone.
  • To purchase apps for their designated college or department at the App Store Volume Purchase Program Portal; for information, see Apple’s VPP site.
  • To distribute the app-specific codes for each app purchase to the appropriate End Users. The End Users will redeem the app-specific codes at the iTunes App Store to install on their devices.

    Note: End Users will need iTunes installed on a Mac or Windows computer and a personal Apple ID to redeem the apps; for End User details, see Apple’s VPP site.
  • To maintain all app purchase records for the college or department including app-specific code spreadsheets.
  • Facilitator needs to notify the VPP Program Manager should you cease to be the designated Facilitator. The Program Manager will assist to transfer the Facilitator role to another designated faculty or staff member.

Facilitator Process & Procedures

For general details on the Facilitator role, see Apple’s VPP site.

  • The university VPP Program Manager will create a university email account (maildrop) for each Facilitator to use as their VPP Apple ID to purchase apps at the App Store Volume Purchase Program Portal.
  • After the maildrop has been created, the Program Manager will send the Facilitator the maildrop address and information for the Facilitator to setup their Apple ID. The Program Manager will call  (not email) the Facilitator to give them the temporary Apple ID password that they will change later.
  • After receiving the maildrop information, Facilitator will:

    Go to the Apple ID website, select the Manage your account link, and use the maildrop account username and password given to them in step 2 above to log on and update their Apple ID password and information.
    Note: Securely save your Apple ID information for reference; you will need this information to make app purchases. 
  • After updating their Apple ID account, Facilitator needs to create a connection in Microsoft Outlook to their VPP Facilitator maildrop account.

    Facilitators need to connect to their maildrop to receive the email from Apple with app-specific codes needed to install the apps on iOS devices. For instructions on accessing your maildrop, see Requesting and Using a Maildrop and follow the procedures in the section: Opening a Maildrop by Adding it to Your Current Outlook Profile.

    Once your maildrop appears in Outlook you can access the emails sent to the Facilitator account.

App Purchase Notes

  • An app cannot be shared and installed on other devices; one app must be purchased per device it is installed on.
  • The VVP portal does not support the purchase of in-apps (apps contained within and associated with other apps).
  • After setting up the connection to your maildrop, you are ready to purchase apps as follows:
  • Assistance: for assistance with VPP purchases, contact an Apple Education representative at 1-800-800-2775 and follow menu options

To Access and purchase apps from the VPP Program portal:

  1. Go to the VPP Program portal :Program Portal: https://volume.itunes.apple.com/us/store
  2. Select the Sign in link and log on with your VPP Apple ID and password, e.g. ASVPP-Music-01@towson.edu
  3. Search for and select the app you want, selected app will display details about the app including cost, version, size, requirements, etc.
  4. Make app purchases with your university procurement card. The university does not support purchasing VPP Volume Voucher cards.
  5. Receipts with app-specific codes for app purchases will be sent to your Facilitator maildrop; access them in Outlook; save the app store files for your records

Apple IDs

iTunes Apple ID: to install apps purchased in the VPP program, End Users will need an Apple ID to redeem apps with the app-specific codes that are sent to them by the Facilitator to download and install on their devices.

College or department Facilitators will need to decide whether or not they want to create a single department End User iTunes Apple ID for End Users to redeem app-specific codes or let End Users use their personal iTunes Apple ID to redeem app-specific codes. There are advantages and disadvantages to both options:

Department iTunes Apple ID for End Users

Advantages: apps are owned by the iTunes Apple ID account that is used to redeem the apps; using a single department iTunes Apple ID assures that the apps are owned by the department and can be recovered. Should a device be lost, stolen, or broken the app can be accessed with the single End User Account and installed again.

Requirements: Facilitator will need to request that a maildrop be created for End User iTunes account from the Towson VPP Program Manager, an example of an account is VPPIT-OTS@towson.edu. This maildrop account will become the iTunes Apple ID that all End Users will use to log in to the iTunes Store and redeem their app-specific codes to download and install apps on their devices. CAUTION: if procurement card information is saved and associated with this shared account all purchases will be charged to this procurement card.

Disadvantages: Facilitators must manage the single End User account; generally, the Facilitator would act as End User and all apps would be redeemed and installed on devices by the Facilitator

Personal iTunes Apple ID for End Users

Enables the use of personal iTunes accounts to redeem app.

Advantages: no Facilitator management time involved
Disadvantages: the apps will be owned by the person whose Apple ID account was used to redeem the apps

Get assistance and to learn more about the VPP program

For information about the VPP program at TU, contact the Faculty/Staff Help Center, 410-704-5151 and follow menu options or submit a TechHelp Service Request (NetID required) with questions or description of what you need.

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