Projects Covered through Student Technology Fees

Student Technology Fees (STF) are used to cover a variety of technology projects as well as repairs and maintenance.

A subcommittee of the ACT convenes four times a year to review and approve STF project requests. Departments interested in requesting technology projects may complete a proposal and request funds for the following:

  • upgrade, renovate or construct of new classrooms
  • add new computers in computer labs or instructional classrooms

Computer renewals do not require a written request.

There are projects that require Academic Committee for Technology (ACT) review and within those projects, there are guidelines the committee has set as to what qualifies and what does not. Guidelines are available for software on the Qualifying Software Categories page.

For questions on submitting a request, contact your department's CCLT coordinator or call 410-704-8324 (4TECH).

Project request cycles dates and restrictions

  • Cycle 1: closes second week of September; all proposals accepted, including Foundation, Extended, Curriculized, and Studio
  • Cycle 2: closes the last week of October; all proposals accepted; last opportunity to request Extended, Curriculized, and Studio
  • Cycle 3: closes second week of February: only Foundation requests will be accepted
  • Cycle 4: closes second week of March; Foundation requests only; individual project costs must be $5,000 or less and consistent with all Procurement Department policies and regulations, especially those that pertain to splitting costs to avoid a purchase requisition.

Once projects are submitted, they follow the process as described in the Project Approval Cycle (PDF) set up by the ACT.

Repair and Maintenance

Contact your CCLT coordinator for non-functioning equipment, or check Classroom Technology Support. STF funds will cover the cost to repair or replace equipment that was funded by this program.

Upgrading Equipment

CCLT coordinators work closely with departments and colleges to ensure equipment is upgraded within the recommended Equipment Lifecycle (PDF).

Classroom Standards

CCLT follows stringent standards to ensure that classroom technology functions consistently across all rooms. Learn more about the Classroom Technology Standards (PDF).

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