Individual Websites

Towson University offers web publishing services for students, faculty, staff, organizations and departments.

These services include creation and publication of individual sites. For information about the university website, visit Website Management.

Individual TU Websites: Small Scale Web Publishing Project Recap

The Office of Technology Services (OTS) retired the and servers that host individual websites for students, faculty, staff and select organizations. This move to a new platform will provide the campus with the opportunity to have fresh new sites, more support and access additional Web publishing features.

As of July 1, 2016, content on those services is no longer accessible as a live page, but is retrievable until September 30, 2016.

To retrieve web content or images from an old site, faculty and staff can submit a TechHelp service request. Students can access their web content in the "WWW folder" located in their new studentshare (H: drive).

Project information - including deadlines, required actions and how to get support - was communicated to the campus through T3 articles and targeted emails to owners of pages and tiger sites.


Wondering what your new website could look like?

Compare an old, out of template site to a new fresh and professional-looking WordPress site.

Be sure to review the University Guidelines for Responsible Computing before requesting your site. 

Web Publishing Options

WordPress: &

WordPress is the preferred solution for most individual websites. These professional-looking templates are user friendly, and while themes and plug-ins will be pre-defined, they are easy to customize. WordPress sites are available for students and faculty, staff and organizations.

WordPress workshops are available to provide support and direction when creating your website.

Basic Web Publishing:

TigerWeb is a simple HTML-based site that allows use of any web publishing applications and is primarily for personal use. However, faculty can also recommend this for class projects. Tiger Web is available for students, faculty and staff and can be requested by logging into TigerWeb.

Web Applications:

These .NET web applications are for specific faculty, staff or departments that require more advance programming on a Windows server. These are more complex, usually with a back-end database. Faculty, staff and departments can request a Web Application by submitting a TechHelp service request.

Virtual Web Servers

These are dedicated servers that accommodate special programming or applications. There may be a fee for hosting. Faculty and departments must specially request this option from OTS by submitting a TechHelp service request.


If you have an issue with a site that uses one of the platforms above, submit a TechHelp service request, call the OTS Faculty/Staff Help Center at 410-704-5151 or contact Student Computing Services.