Studio Reservations & Procedures

With sound dampening construction, SCS Studios A and B are well suited for audio recording and video productions involving a single, stationary subject. The larger Studio C is more appropriate for work involving movement or student groups. All three SCS Studios are easy to reserve and are ready for your inspired visit.

Female student works on a voiceover project in Studio A

Reserve a Studio

To make a reservation, select the SCS Studio below in which you would like to work. Then complete the booking process using your TU email address. If you use a non-TU email address, we will cancel your reservation, even if you are already in the Studio. If you need staff assistance, be sure to indicate that in your reservation request and detail your specific needs in the Comments section.

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Studio A


Studio A (CK34A) is 7'x12' and includes a 27-inch dual-boot (Mac+Win) iMac, a 12-channel mixer/audio interface, a professional XLR microphone, two audio reference monitors, two small softbox lights and a background support with green, black and white muslins. 

Ableton Live 9 Suite is available in Studio A only.

Reserve Studio A


Studio B


Studio B (CK34B) is identical to Studio A, except it does not include Ableton software.


Reserve Studio B


Studio C


Studio C is our original 10'x20' studio. It includes the same equipment as A and B, plus two additional softbox lights, an overhead boom microphone stand, a professional tripod, two music/copy stands and a mottled blue background muslin. Studio C also includes a ceiling-mounted LCD projector and a large projection screen for presentation rehearsals.

Reserve Studio C


SCS Studio Tips

  • Please bear in mind that multimedia files can be exceptionally large. We strongly recommend that you bring a multi-gigabyte flash drive or an external USB hard drive on which to save and transport your projects and files. While you may save to internal hard drives on the studio computers, you should note that SCS periodically deletes client files from the studio computers to maintain optimal performance. The safest course is to keep (or, at least, backup) your projects and all associated media on your own storage device.
  • SCS limits reservations to two hours to guard against monopolization by a single client or group. However, one hour into your initial reservation period, you may make a new reservation for the subsequent two hour period provided that the studio is available. For example, if your reservation is for 9:00-11:00 a.m., at 10:00 a.m., you may extend your reservation until 1:00 p.m., provided there are no conflicting reservations.

SCS Studios Terms & Conditions

In reserving and using SCS Studio A, B or C

  1. You attest that you are a Towson University student, faculty member, or staff member and possess a valid TU OneCard identification;
  2. You agree to take all reasonable steps to safeguard the facility and the included equipment from damage and theft, and to adhere to the SCS guidelines for equipment care;
  3. You acknowledge your understanding that if you repeatedly reserve SCS facilities and then fail to show up without alerting SCS in advance, we may deny your reservation and borrowing requests in the future;
  4. You acknowledge your understanding that Towson University, the Office of Technology Services, and Student Computing Services is not responsible for file or media loss due to equipment malfunction or misuse;
  5. You acknowledge your understanding that Student Computing Services routinely deletes all user content (i.e., image, audio, and video files) from studio computers and that it is your responsibility to transfer your files to your own storage device on a regular basis.

Appropriate Use of the SCS Studios

The SCS Studios are not intended for general computing activities (e.g., web browsing, checking email, word processing, etc.) which can be completed just as well using computers in the SCS Lab.

Please note that when you make a reservation, SCS holds the studio for you. No one else can reserve it for that block of time. If you do not report for your reservation—in other words, you abandon it—the studio remains unavailable to others, nevertheless. We recognize that plans sometimes change, but we believe that in such cases it is reasonable to expect you to contact us and cancel the reservation. If you will not be using a studio during the time you reserved, please call 410-704-5151 and let us know so that we may release the facility for others.

If you do not report or call within the first 15 minutes of a reservation, SCS will record the reservation as abandoned and release the studio for others to use. SCS tracks the incidence of abandoned reservations; after a client's third abandonment, SCS will suspend for six months his/her right to reserve studios.

SCS Studios are not an appropriately private space for clients to work with nude models, and reservations made for this purpose will be canceled. For this type of shoot, clients are encouraged to use more appropriate spaces in Center for the Arts.

As described in the university’s Acceptable Use Policies, clients may not use the SCS Studios for commercial or profit-making purposes without written authorization from the University.


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