Student Computing Services West

OTS Student Computing Services (SCS) operates a service desk and computer lab in Towson Run 123 for the convenience of students who live, study or park on the West side of campus. Including staff support and a wēpa printing station, SCS West is open on weekdays until 2:00 a.m. during the fall and spring terms.

Student entering TR, greeted by SCS West staff

Our Towson Run facility will reopen on Tuesday, September 26. Thank you for your patience.

With the launch of West Village in 2011, the university widened the area of academic activity on campus considerably. For student convenience, SCS opened a satellite center in Towson Run 123 offering many popular SCS services until 2:00 a.m.

Service Desk

  1. General technology advice
  2. Troubleshooting assistance
    1. Laptop problems
    2. Network connection problems
    3. Malware infections
  3. wēpa printing assistance
  4. Modes of support
    1. email  
    2. phone 410-704-5151 
    3. visit Towson Run Apartments Room 123
    4. use TechHelp 

ResNet Support

  1. Network computing assistance for resident students via the SCS Service Desk
  2. Cable television support in residence halls 
  3. Professional "house calls" when necessary

Computer Lab

  1. Comfortable work spaces
  2. One height-adjustable workstation for clients (wheel-chair compatible)
  3. Support Specialists to answer your questions
  4. 6 Windows 7 computers and 1 Apple iMac OSX computer
  5. wēpa pay-for-print kiosk
  6. Over 100 software titles, including
    1. Microsoft Office
    2. Adobe CC 2015 Master Collection
    3. Apple iLife (on the iMac)


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