TechOverture is a directory of computing systems, services and resources important to TU students. OTS Student Computing Services (SCS) is proud to maintain TechOverture to help new and continuing students make the best possible use of the technology and support TU has to offer.

Students can borrow digital cameras from SCS.

Since 2002, OTS Student Computing Services has published this reference information on the computing systems, services and resources most applicable to incoming TU students. Use it to become more knowledgeable and to make better-informed decisions, but note that, like technology itself, this resource is dynamic. Expect it to change as new technologies emerge, and  how we can make TechOverture even more useful for you and for future classes.

Your NetID

During your campus or course activities, you will use many different computing systems and services. However, you need only remember one set of login credentials for most: your TU NetID. It is the first element in your email address ( and your key to campus computing. It is composed of your first initial, the first five letters of your last name and a number.

  • Keep your accounts secure, change your password every 90 days.
  • Use your NetID Tools to change or reset your password and security question.
  • Use strong passwords.
  • Never allow others to use your NetID. Those who share their passwords invariably regret it.

Your Tech Support

The SCS Service Desk provides technical support and troubleshooting assistance to students experiencing problems or seeking technology advice.

modes of Support

  • Phone: 410-704-5151
  • Email:
  • Chat: Click Chat... in the lower right corner of any SCS webpage
  • Text Messaging: 410-324-7271
  • TechHelp: submit a service request
  • In-person: Cook 35 & Towson Run 123. See hours.

Laptop problems? The SCS Service Desk will examine and, if possible, repair your ailing laptop. We are usually able to resolve malware, network configuration and slow performance issues. We can also help diagnose hardware problems and offer advice. If repairs will be time consuming, you can make an appointment, stop by Cook 35 and borrow a loaner laptop. TUNE students visiting Towson are welcome to stop by as well. 

Your Email and News

In partnership with Google, the university provides students with Google-hosted email accounts including unlimited email, POP/IMAP support, full-featured web calendaring, contact management and task management.

Access your email

The university holds you responsible for the important information sent to your student address. You may set-up an automatic forward to some other address if you wish, but don't ignore your student inbox. Also, know that some of your professors may require you to use Webmail PbG when corresponding with them.

Daily news delivered to your inbox

The university sends the TU Today daily newsletter with linked headlines representing most campus news. Be sure to peruse these headlines each day.

Your Emergency Alerts

Register for immediate notification via email and/or text message in the event of:

  • a public safety emergency
  • school closing
  • severe weather warning

Sign up for alerts: scroll to the gold footer at the bottom of this page, click "SIGN UP FOR TEXT ALERTS" in the left corner and register using your NetID. You will set a username and password for accessing your alerts account in the future. This system is supported by the University Police (not SCS) and once activated does not use your NetID.

Your Registration and Records

Towson Online Services is the web-based system through which all TU students transact business with the university. Get convenient access to essential activities such as:

  • registering for classes
  • making schedule changes
  • paying bills
  • viewing financial aid information
  • checking grades
  • requesting transcripts
  • and more

How to login

  1. log into Towson Online Services using your NetID
  2. select Self Service
  3. select Student Center from the menu box

If someone else is paying your bill, be sure to set them up in the eBill system.

Your Online Courses

Blackboard is the learning management system (LMS) that supports the university's online courses and online elements of traditional classroom courses. Through Blackboard, you will access:

  • course documents
  • assignments
  • participate in class discussions
  • take quizzes and exams
  • check your course grades
  • and more

Login to Blackboard using your NetID. If you need Blackboard technical support, visit the Blackboard webpage for additional information.

Your Cloud-based File Storage Space

In addition to storing your files on USB flash drives, media cards and your computer's hard drive, you can also keep files online in your cloud-based drives. Your WebMail Powered by Google account includes a Google Drive with unlimited capacity. The university also provides you with Microsoft Office 365 featuring OneDrive for Business with a terabyte of file space. Keeping files on Google Drive and OneDrive makes them portable. You'll be able to download and work on them in any campus lab or on your personal computer or mobile device. OTS’ Storage and Sharing Options Guide (PDF) will help you understand all of your storage options and make the best choices for your data.

Your Office 365: Word, Excel and PowerPoint

As mentioned above, TU provides each student with Microsoft Office 365. In addition to your rather capacious OneDrive for Business, you can download the full version of the Office 365 application suite for use on up to five devices for free. This includes:

  • Word
  • Excel
  • PowerPoint
  • OneNote

You can also use the online versions of these applications through a web browser without downloading a thing.

Your Website

Although TU students are not automatically provided with a website, when you recognize the need, you can acquire your TU WordPress site by simply logging into the TU Student WordPress environment. Your student website is an excellent place to build an online portfolio or share your writing and artwork; and WordPress makes it easy, requiring no additional software.

Your Wi-Fi

To support your Wi-Fi enabled devices, Towson University maintains one of the largest wireless networks in the Baltimore area.

  • Use your NetID to connect to tu-secure for safer networking and wider access to resources.
  • Visitors without a NetID or residents with devices unable to connect to tu-secure should use tu-openaccess.  

Your Protection from Malware

We recommend that students install, run and regularly update Microsoft Security Essentials on their Windows computers or Avira Free Antivirus on their Mac computers. You can download both products free of charge from the OTS Software Downloads page. Be sure to use your NetID to log in if necessary, and remember that SCS can help if you hit a snag.

If you suspect you have a virus or other malware, refer to the Office of Information Security's Virus/Malware page for instructions on how to deal with an infected computer.

Your ResNet Television & Internet Support

Student Computing Services (SCS) supports the campus ResNet (residential network) with general advice regarding network access and cable TV in the residence halls. If necessary, a ResNet technician can be dispatched to your room for particularly challenging problems.

Your OneCard Account

With OneCard web access you can:

  • look up your dining plan balance
  • look up your retail points balance
  • make deposits
  • register for low balance notifications
  • find off-campus businesses that accept your OneCard

How to sign up for web access:

  1. Open the OneCard page
  2. Click Sign Up Now in the upper right corner
  3. Click Manage Your OneCard Account
  4. Follow the instructions to complete the registration process

Anyone can quickly add funds to your dining plan or retail/vending account with just your TUID number and a credit card by selecting Add Cash Now in the upper left corner.

This service is supported by Auxiliary Services and uses your OneCard ID (also known as your TUID number) rather than your NetID.

Your Printing

Wouldn't it be great to send files from your computer, tablet or smart phone and print them at any one of the multiple print stations positioned all over campus? Well that's wēpa, a flexible cloud-printing solution certain to add a bit more convenience to your busy life. Print in grayscale or color at any of the 21 wēpa Print Stations positioned across campus. Login and pay at the print stations by swiping your TU OneCard.

Your Student Employment

The Career Center offers Handshake, an online database of internship, employment, networking and career event opportunities. To start your job search, visit the Career Center site and log in with your NetID. If you're interested in working with SCS, look for the Student Computing Services Associate job in Handshake and check out our employment information.


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