OU Campus

OU Campus is Towson University's web-based content management system (CMS). A CMS is an organized and structured way of creating, managing and presenting content of a web site. Below are a variety of resources for using the CMS.

Stay Informed about OU Campus Issues

For information on login or other issues that affect working in OU Campus, Content Owners and Contributors should consult the OTS Alerts page. If a notice is not posted, submit a TechHelp service request to report the issue. When an issue is resolved, a follow up OTS Alert is posted to let users know they can resume editing.

To get OTS Alerts email updates sent directly to your inbox, subscribe at OTS Alerts. To get Twitter updates, follow @OTSalerts.

Working in OU Campus


How to Delete a Document in OU Campus

To have a document removed from a documents folder in OU Campus, submit a TechHelp service request. Follow these instructions in the request:

  1. Request type: Employee Role
  2. Next drop down: Website Development (University)
  3. Next drop down: Page Components
  4. Next drop down: Route to/Resolved by Website Development
  5. Enter the name of the document and the file path where it is located

What is a CMS? (PDF)
This infographic details what a CMS is and how works at Towson University.

OU Campus End User Reference Guide (PDF)
This is the end-user reference guide available to all web editors at Towson University. This guide is also available in the Add-ons section of the Global Navigation toolbar inside of OU Campus.

Web Image Codes (PDF)
This is a list of the associated web image codes used in snippets.

Understanding the MultiEdit button (VIDEO)
This brief video introduces you to the MultiEdit button found on some pages in OU Campus.

Creating Tables in OU Campus (PDF)
There are two ways to create a table in OU Campus: using a Snippet or creating a table from the Just Edit toolbar. This self-help document will step you through the process of properly creating tables using both methods.

Areas of a Page (VIDEO)
In the OU Campus templates, there are various regions of a page. This video introduces you to the regions, the templates and the accompanying snippets for each editable region.

Style and Formatting
Information on style and formatting can be found on the Web Editor Resources page. Available information includes the snippets library, guidance on writing for the web, and content guidelines.

Creating Hyperlinks (VIDEO)
This video will explain the three different types of hyperlinks found within OUCampus. You will learn the difference between internal and external links and the process of creating them.

Overwriting Existing Documents (PDF) & (VIDEO)
If you have a document that needs to be replaced on the Towson University website, it is encouraged that you overwrite the original document using the same name. This self-help document and video will show you how to overwrite existing documents in OU Campus.

Bookmark Gadget (VIDEO)
In this short video you will learn how to navigate quickly using the functionality of Bookmarks in OU Campus.

Notes Gadget (VIDEO)
This video will take you behind the scenes to discover the power of the notes gadget in OU Campus. 

Viewing and Interpreting Site Analytics (PDF)
OU Campus provides Google Analytics to help you determine how people are accessing your content. Analytics help you determine if you are providing your audience the correct content based on your sites trends. This document will step you through how to view and interpret analytics results.

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