SharePoint is a web-based collaborative platform easily accessed through Office 365. SharePoint serves as a single source for storing, viewing, and updating documents within an organization while providing additional features such as a calendar, task list, announcements and more. The resources below will assist users in becoming more familiar with the software.

Please note: This service is cloud hosted and updates are not controlled by Towson University. Towson University documentation for the service is reviewed quarterly to bring it into alignment with the most recent version of the service or software. 

Self-help Documentation

Sharepoint Reference Manual for Site Owners (PDF)
This reference guide assists site owners in establishing their site, adding site content and managing site documents.

Sharepoint Reference Manual for Site Contributors (PDF)
This reference guide assists site contributors in navigating, following, adding site content and managing site documents.

Micro-Learning Video Library

This library consists of videos that are less than two minutes in length. If you are new to SharePoint, it is recommended you view the videos in consecutive order. If you are already familiar with Sharepoint, select the video you wish to view in the order you desire.

Title Description duration

Requesting a new site

Step one in the SharePoint process is requesting a new site. This video shows you how to request a new site. 1:44
Following a new site When you are provided a Sharepoint Site URL, you can follow the site for easier access. This video will step you through the process of following a new site. 1:09

Navigating a Sharepoint Site

Knowing the key components of a SharePoint site is critical to being a successful user. This video provides tips for navigating SharePoint. 1:52
Adding people to a site A Sharepoint site without users is a very lonely place. Adding users is done by sharing the site with them. This video shows you how to add people to a site.  1:34
Removing people from a site Removing people from a site may need to happen from time to time. We show you how to remove people from a site in this step-by-step video. 0:51
Adding an announcement to a site Add announcements to notify each member of your site. This video will show you how to add announcements, which will keep members informed. 0:47
Adding a new calendar entry Having a shared site-wide calendar is helpful in scheduling and managing appointments. This video will show you how to add new calendar entries. 1:27
Naming a Sharepoint calendar You may have a need to personalize a calendar further. This could be because there are multiple calendars and you want different names to distinguish them. This video tells you what you need to name a SharePoint calendar. 0:47
Syncing a Sharepoint calendar to Outlook Once you have a Sharepoint calendar setup, it can be synced with Outlook so you and your team all have the same access to events. Watch this video to learn how to sync a calendar to Outlook. 0:58
Creating tasks in Sharepoint Tasks are an important aspect of Sharepoint. You can assign tasks to others and manage task deadlines all within the environment. This video shows you how to create a task in SharePoint. 0:54
Creating a file in Sharepoint A key component of Sharepoint is to use it as a file repository, so all members of the site can have access to files and folders. This video shows you how to create a file in SharePoint using Office 365 applications such as Word, Excel, ‚Äčand PowerPoint 1:05
Uploading a file in Sharepoint In addition to creating files, you can upload them into Sharepoint for file sharing and versioning purposes. This video shows you how to upload a file in SharePoint. 0:50
Uploading a folder in Sharepoint Having folders in Sharepoint is helpful. You can create new folders or upload an entire folder of contents. Watch this video to see the steps for uploading a folder in Sharepoint. 0:57
Deleting a file in Sharepoint If you need to clean up a library by deleting files, this video will show you the steps.  0:48
Using the Recycle Bin Once a file is deleted, it is sent to the recycle bin, and stored for a pre-determined number of days until you either permanently delete it or restore it. Let this video show you how to effectively delete or restore files in the recycle bin.  0:57
Sharing files Once a file is in Sharepoint, it is time to share it with others. Follow the steps in the video to learn how to share a file. 0:59
Managing Shared Files in Sharepoint Managing who has access to a file and what level of editing capabilities is part of the process of file management in Sharepoint. This video walks you through the process of removing and granting access to your site. 0:56
Creating an alert for pages on Sharepoint When you manage multiple pages with ever-changing content, it is a good practice to be alerted when the content changes. This video shows you how to create an alert for keeping up-to-date on your site's content. 1:23
Creating an alert for lists in Sharepoint Don't let your lists get out of control. Setting an alert for list changes is a great way to stay on top of content. Watch this video to learn how to create an alert for list changes. 1:20
Creating an alert for list items in Sharepoint Items in a list can have alerts set for them. This video shows you how set alerts for list items. 1:38
Creating an alert for calendar entries When a change is made to a calendar entry, being alerting right away is best. Watch this video to learn how to create an alert for when your calendar gets changed.  1:06
Creating an alert for libraries Setting alerts on libraries is a good practice for keeping up to date with changes. This video shows you how to create an alert for libraries. 1:18
Creating an alert for library items Setting alerts for individual library items is a good practice for keeping up to date with changes. Watch this video to learn how to create an alert for library items. 1:18
Creating an alert for OneNote in Sharepoint The integration with OneNote is an important step to effectively using Sharepoint. Being alerted to changes is also helpful. Here are the steps for creating an alert for OneNote in SharePoint. 1:23
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