Webex for Attendees

When your instructor/host schedules a Webex session, details about the session will be forwarded to you through Blackboard or email. For information on how to join and participate in a WebEx session, please refer to the self-help documents below.

Webex: Joining a Session (PDF)
There are two main methods for joining a session in Webex. The first is using a Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP). The second is via teleconference using your own telephone. This document will show how to connect to sessions using both methods.

Webex: Installing the Webex Client On-Campus (PDF)
Before you can use Webex Meeting or Training Center, you must download the Webex Client. The Run Advertised Programs tool enables you to add this new program. Please note that you can only use these instructions if you are on-campus. If you are off-campus, please see directions for Installing the Webex Client Off-Campus.

WebEx: Installing the Webex Client Off-Campus (LINK)
Before you can use Webex Meeting or Training Center from off-campus, you must download the Webex Client. Click on the test meeting link below to verify that the driver is installed on your computer. www.webex.com/lp/jointest

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