Webex for Mac Users

Below are resources pertaining to Webex for Mac users.

Webex: The Session Window for Mac (PDF)
The session window is where participants interact with the host in a training session. In this window, you may share documents, presentations, and the desktop. You may also chat, use polls, conduct Question and Answer session and more. This self-help document will introduce you to the pieces of the session window. It will also give you an overview of how to use the basic pieces of the session window.

Webex: Recording a Session for Mac (PDF)
When you are hosting a Webex training session, it is possible to record the session for later use. This document will take you through the steps necessary to record, view and share Webex training sessions.

Webex: Sharing Resources for Mac (PDF)
During a Webex session, the host has the ability to share resources with attendees. This document will take you through the process of sharing documents, applications, your computer desktop, whiteboards and web content.

Webex: Joining a Session for Mac (PDF)
There are two main methods for joining a session in Webex. The first is using a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). The second is via teleconference using your own telephone. This document will show you how to connect to sessions using both methods.

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