Webex Teams

Webex Teams is an all-in-one solution for messaging, file sharing, white boarding, video meetings, calling, and more. It keeps your team connected anytime, anywhere, and moves work forward faster.

Accessing Webex Teams

  • Desktop: download through the software center (recommended for on-campus use).
  • Browser: visit teams.webex.com. Enter your TU email address and then authenticate with your NetID and Password (recommended for off-campus use).
  • Mobile Devices: Download the Cisco Webex Teams app from your device's app store.

Self-help Resources

Webex Teams: Reference Guide (PDF)
Learn how to use Webex Teams: creating personal and group spaces, adding messages and attachments, determining roles of participants, notification settings and much more. 

Quick Reference Guide (PDF) 
Quick topics include downloading the software, creating spaces, starting a meeting and video call and attaching files.

Getting Started Guide (PDF)
After you download the Webex Teams software, follow the step by step process to get started in using the key features of the software.

Webex Teams: Room Devices (PDF)
Learn how to use Webex Teams in rooms equipped with Webex JOIN capabilities.

Webex Teams: Phone Integration (PDF)
If your account has been enabled for the Webex Teams Phone Integration feature, this self-help document will guide you through how to access, set up, and use the service.

Training and Recorded Sessions

April 7, 2020

Learn More

  • Watch Cisco's informational videos to learn more about Webex Teams.
  • How and when to use Webex Teams tool: watch this video, a Day in the Life with Webex Teams, to get an overall understanding of how and when to use the various tools contained within this powerful communications package. 
  • Cisco online help articles include information on customizing the app, sharing content, navigating, sending messages, creating spaces, scheduling meetings and more. Please be aware that there may be articles for services that are not fully functional at TU.
  • Join the Webex Teams Tips space for updates, tips and animated gifs. After clicking on the link follow the prompts to enter the space.  
  • Read this infographic (PDF) to get a clear picture of exactly what Webex Teams is and how it can be used to collaborate with teammates.

Micro-Learning Video Library

This library consists of videos that are less than five minutes in length. If you are new to Webex Teams, it is recommended you view the videos in consecutive order. 

Title Description duration
Module 1: Downloading and Logging In
Learn how to download the Webex Teams software and log in.  2:04
Module 2: Overview of the Environment
Take a tour of the Webex Teams user interface. 2:03

Module 3: Creating a Space

Learn how to create a personal and group space. 2:28

Module 4: Messaging Inside a Space

Learn how to add and format text, add emojis and gifs as well as a screen capture to the message area. 2:28

Module 5: All About Teams

Learn how to set up a team and properly manage that team including creating spaces and the moderator role.  3:16

Module 6: Roles of Space Members

Learn the roles of space members both in spaces and in teams. 3:39

Module 7: Notifications

Learn what notification preferences are available to you in Webex teams and how to manage them. 2:48

Module 8: Calling a Space

Learn how to make a call from a personal or group space.  2:45

Module 9: Scheduling a Meeting

Learn how to set up a Webex Teams Meeting through Outlook. 2:28



Faculty and staff who intend to use instructional lecture capture resources supported by Towson University are to adhere to the Instructional Lecture Capture Guidelines to ensure the FERPA regulations are not violated.

Release Form

If a faculty/staff member intends to reuse recordings where the image, voice or materials of students are captured, the Instructional Lecture Capture Release Form must be used. *Be sure to read the guidelines (above) first.

Frequently Asked Questions

Webex Teams does not update automatically, so older versions look different.  If you see a green update arrow on the far left menu, that means there is a new version. Click it to update your software to the latest version.

Yes, people inside and outside of the Towson organization are able to use Webex Teams. Please review the Appendix of the Webex Teams Reference Guide for specific step-by-step instructions.

On an iOS device go to Settings/Teams/Calendars and press the toggle. On an Android device it is automatically enabled.

Webex Meetings is used for single, non-recurring meetings; Webex Teams is used for ongoing team and group collaboration. Check out our web conferencing tools page for more information on how to compare the services.


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