Resources for TU students, faculty, staff and organizations.

Through Towson University’s WordPress environment, faculty, staff, students and TU organizations can create and manage individual websites. WordPress is a self-service web-publishing platform designed to be a quick and easy way to showcase your research, share ideas, house a portfolio, promote your organization, highlight special events and more. See an example of a new, professional-looking site.

WordPress Reference Guide for Faculty/Staff (PDF) and WordPress Quick Reference Guide for Faculty/Staff (PDF)T Get information on how to build a WordPress site using the faculty/staff template. Topics include: logging in, the dashboard, the visual editor, adding content and making your site live. 

WordPress Reference Guide for TU Organizations (PDF). Get information on how to build a WordPress site using the Organization template.

WordPress Reference Guide for Students (PDF). This guide provides basic information on how to build a website using WordPress, showcase a student's interests, education, ideas and accomplishments.

WordPress: Invite Users Plugin (PDF)
This guide walks through how activate and use the Invite Users plugin, which allows website administrators to invite multiple users to view or edit their webpage. 

WordPress: Exporting Your Site (PDF)
You can move your TU WordPress site to another WordPress service. Exporting your site will transfer all content and media. 

WordPress Videos: recommended viewing order

Get up and running with WordPress by watching these videos in this order:

  1. WordPress: Touring the Default TU WordPress Theme (VIDEO)
    Towson University has provided faculty and staff with a default WordPress theme. This video will take you on a tour of this theme, explaining the different areas of the theme and the intended use.
  2. WordPress: Customizing a Theme (VIDEO)
    The default theme provided to faculty and staff can be changed and customized according to your needs. This video explains the steps required to customize the theme.
  3. WordPress: Dashboard Navigation (VIDEO)
    This comprehensive tour will orient you to the dashboard in WordPress. The dashboard is the first page you arrive at once logged into a WordPress environment and displays quick links to perform common tasks.

  4. WordPress: Adding Content with the Visual Editor (VIDEO)
    This video will step you through the process of adding content to a page or a post using the visual editor.
  5. WordPress: Adding Media (VIDEO)
    In this video you will learn how to add media, including both photographs and video, to your WordPress site.
  6. WordPress: Understanding Pages and Sub-pages (VIDEO)
    Pages display static content while sub-pages are used to organize hierarchical content, appearing in a drop-down menu. This video walks you through the process of creating both pages and sub-pages.
  7. WordPress: Widget Overview (VIDEO)
    Widgets are independent sections of content that give your website more functionality. Learn how to add, delete and customize widgets on your WordPress site.
  8. WordPress: Understanding Plugins (VIDEO)
    Get an overall look at the different plugins available through WordPress. Learn how to activate and deactivate plugins and how to customize settings.
  9. WordPress: Making your Site Live (VIDEO)
    This video takes you through the steps to ensure your completed website becomes live and viewable on the web.


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